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Shelf - Enterprise Wiki Software


The Future of Contact Center Knowledge

Shelf Wiki is a wiki that allows users to share ideas, knowledge, and experience in a structured format that is easy to read and edit. The software helps companies build an organisation-wide intranet or project collaboration portal. It helps companies create a corporate knowledge base. Shelf is easy to learn, use,... Read more about Shelf

Shelf Pricing

Free Trial not available

Stravito - Enterprise Wiki Software


User-friendly knowledge management software

Stravito is a Enterprise Wiki Software built to streamline collaboration with social networking, wiki editing, wikis for business, knowledge management, project management social networking, bug tracking, discussion forums, file sharing, intranet/extranet publishing, RSS integration and instant messaging. It has been... Read more about Stravito

Stravito Pricing

Free Trial not available

GitBook - Enterprise Wiki Software


Break knowledge silos with GitBook

GitBook is a real-time collaborative publication platform that gives teams the tools to build a website, all on one page. It's great for sharing knowledge, organizing information, and crowdsourcing insights from experts on the subject of choice. GitBook is a free web application that allows to create, browse and edit... Read more about GitBook

GitBook Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $6.40 when Billed Yearly, also offers Free Forever plan

Archbee - Enterprise Wiki Software


Ultrafast knowledge base for your teams & customers

Archbee Enterprise Wiki software allows people to collaborate more quickly, easily, and comprehensively. It makes it possible for people to develop knowledge together in a way that scales effectively. And it allows enterprise architects to organize an organization's knowledge into reusable assets that are transparent,... Read more about Archbee

Archbee Pricing

Free Trial not available

Document360 - Enterprise Wiki Software


Create a comprehensive knowledge base for customers

Document360, the Enterprise Wiki software, combines the power of structured content management with the flexibility of wikis to deliver an innovative solution for enterprise content management. Each enterprise wiki is powered by an extensive built-in data dictionary and business rules engine, so anyone in the... Read more about Document360

Document360 Pricing

Free Trial not available

Starts from $99 when Billed Yearly, also offers Free Forever plan

Slite - Enterprise Wiki Software


Team Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing Tool

Slite is a Wiki with a twist. It’s not publishing software, it’s enterprise wiki software. The focus is on reusing information between teams and divisions, with Web 2.0 properties like tagging, comments, liking making information easy to find and connect. Slite also has two killer features that no one else has:... Read more about Slite

Slite Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $6.67 when Billed Yearly, also offers Free Forever plan

KnowledgeOwl - Enterprise Wiki Software


Better knowledge base software

KnowledgeOwl is an inventive knowledge base software which helps provide better customer service and a more secure website. With an open API, users can develop their own integrations to share or take information from this software. The auto-save feature keeps a snapshot every 30 seconds in case users forget to save... Read more about KnowledgeOwl

KnowledgeOwl Pricing

Free Trial available

Bloomfire - Enterprise Wiki Software


Centralise knowledge and insights to empower the workforce

BLOOMFIRE is designed to help teams get ideas out of their heads and into the pipeline as quickly as possible. It deletes the frustration of trying to share a thought or project with teammates by adding Thinking tools that make sharing fast, powerful, and fun. BLOOMFIRE Individual is an entry level product designed... Read more about Bloomfire

Bloomfire Pricing

Free Trial not available

Guru - Enterprise Wiki Software


Get the business-related job done seamlessly

Guru is online wiki and collaboration software that enables teams to effectively track and document important information and tasks associated with their projects. Guru is an excellent tool for software development, web site implementation, process management, business analysis or plain project management. Moreover,... Read more about Guru

Guru Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $14 when Billed Yearly

Kipwise - Enterprise Wiki Software


Easy Knowledge Management on Slack

Kipwise offers an enterprise Wiki Software to help people build up an online encyclopedia which is also known as e-Portfolio. With this tool user can manage all the work of the company, team and personal projects. Mention about various tasks that have been done with proper descriptions and then attach the relevant... Read more about Kipwise

Kipwise Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $25.50 when Billed Yearly

KnowledgeBase Manager Pro - Enterprise Wiki Software

KnowledgeBase Manager Pro

Knowledge Management that Works

KnowledgeBase Manager Pro Software is a powerful, easy-to-use platform for building, deploying and managing enterprise wikis. From a single KnowledgeBase Manager Pro server, user can create multiple wiki sites which are useful for a variety of purposes. This wiki software package will help IT departments, business... Read more about KnowledgeBase Manager Pro

KnowledgeBase Manager Pro Pricing

Free Trial not available

TWiki - Enterprise Wiki Software


Open Source Enterprise Wiki and Web Application Platform

TWiki is a powerful and flexible enterprise wiki software package. It lets users create interconnected Web pages and quickly add content in any language, without html knowledge. It is a tool for organizing knowledge -- including documents, data and people -- and making it universally accessible and useful. TWiki is... Read more about TWiki

TWiki Pricing

Free Trial not available

KMS Lighthouse - Enterprise Wiki Software

KMS Lighthouse

The ultimate knowledge management system

KMS Lighthouse is an enterprise Wiki software application written using the Java EE architecture for Wiki, content management, workflow, discussion forum, time tracking, surveys, pages for organizing information, and calendar. It has a unique line of products that are being used worldwide to track project milestones... Read more about KMS Lighthouse

KMS Lighthouse Pricing

Free Trial not available

Hudu - Enterprise Wiki Software


Document, organise and enhance your IT environment with Hudu

Hudu is a wiki software from Storybase that makes it easy to share information, build team knowledge and communicate with colleagues. Hudu is a great online solution for organizing a wide array of content—not just documents and files, but also contacts, team schedules, project planning details and more. No IT... Read more about Hudu

Hudu Pricing

Free Trial available

Buzz - Enterprise Wiki Software


Learn latest industrial tech

The Buzz Enterprise Wiki is an easy way to create company-wide knowledge. User can use it to store ideas, notes, procedures, or to share information, including business processes, product designs, department handbooks - even project proposals. With the Buzz Enterprise Wiki user has a central resource for the entire... Read more about Buzz

Buzz Pricing

Free Trial available

Tettra - Enterprise Wiki Software


Make own knowledge base to meet repetitive questions

Tettra is an open-source enterprise wiki software, licensed under AGPLv3. A self-hosted enterprise wiki is an effective tool for collaboration across the company, upgrading the company's knowledge base, adapting to changes with ease, collecting feedback in one place with fine-grained permissions, collaborating with... Read more about Tettra

Tettra Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $8.33 when Billed Yearly, also offers Free Forever plan

Notion - Enterprise Wiki Software


Notes, Project Management, Collaboration, and Knowledge Base Tool

Notion is a collaborative enterprise wiki and document library application designed for small to large businesses and workgroups. Notion has the ability to automatically capture and organize ideas and content and quickly capture and organize links and content from the web via the “See Also” feature. With Notion user... Read more about Notion

Notion Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $4 when Billed Yearly, also offers Free Forever plan

Matterial - Enterprise Wiki Software


The Perfect Knowledge Management and Documentation Software

Matterial is a flexible enterprise wiki platform. Matterial gives the functionality of a Wiki, with a single-page interface, and a familiar news-feed style dashboard. Comes with site management, pages, tags, permission levels, widgets, 2-way linking, SEO plugins, and more. Matterial is also an Apache 2.0 open source... Read more about Matterial

Matterial Pricing

Free Trial not available

Confluence - Enterprise Wiki Software


Robust project Collaboration with a host of social features

Confluence is a web-based application that includes all the project management features of Confluence Server plus an added dose of new collaboration capabilities. You can play a central role in organizing your team's project knowledge, along with providing a hub for remote teams to easily connect and create online. So... Read more about Confluence

Confluence Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $8.33 when Billed Yearly

Clibu - Enterprise Wiki Software


Information gathering made smarter

Clibu enterprise wiki software offers an affordable enterprise wiki solution for businesses, teams and organizations of all sizes. Wiki is used to collaborate on information, build knowledge bases, create internal portals or intranet sites. It allows users to scribble pages which are instantly saved into databases... Read more about Clibu

Clibu Pricing

Free Trial not available



These Are the key features of Enterprise Wiki Software

  • Time & Expense Tracking
  • Task Management
  • Status Tracking
  • Idea Management
  • Issue Management
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