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Spot Score - Sales Engagement Software

Find the right people and turn them into customers

Apollo is sales engagement software designed for the sales team. When managers view their team through the lens of goal setting and progress tracking, motivation increases across the board. Apollo helps make targets easier to set and hit with the right dashboards that provide relevant intelligence from most important... Read more about Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $15/User/Month when Billed Yearly, also offers free forever plan

AroundDeal - New SaaS Software


Find More Accurate Leads and Close Deal Faster

AroundDeal is the ultimate tool for B2B marketing initiatives. Our extension helps you quickly and accurately identify leads necessary to close deals faster. We provide you with a list of high-quality, high-value prospects and their email addresses, as well as contact information to help you build relationships with... Read more about AroundDeal

AroundDeal Pricing

Free Trial not available

CrankWheel - New SaaS Software


Cut your sales cycle in half with instant screen-sharing

CrankWheel provides instant screen-sharing and helps you to quickly reduce your sales cycle by half. It can broadcast your visual presentation from your phone in just 10 seconds, simplifying the process of responding to customer issues and challenges on the spot. Easily invite customers to participate either by... Read more about CrankWheel

CrankWheel Pricing

Free Trial not available

Starts from $89/Month, also offers free forever plan


Spot Score

ZoomInfo Engage - Sales Engagement Software

ZoomInfo Engage

Advanced B2B Sales Engagement

Introducing ZoomInfo Engage, the ultimate solution for B2B sales engagement. With advanced features like CRM and inbox integration, this software ensures seamless workflow management. Boost your sales team's productivity with automated calls and email marketing, all while easily managing content, call lists, and... Read more about ZoomInfo Engage

ZoomInfo Engage Pricing

Free Trial not available

ZoomInfo Engage offers custom pricing plan


Spot Score

SalesLoft - Sales Engagement Software


Sales Engagement Platform For Revenue Teams

SalesLoft is the sales engagement software that lets sales teams own their entire process. No matter who they do business with, or how they connect, SalesLoft continually helps salespeople engage and manage their relationships more effectively. With a single interface, SalesLoft gives sales people everything they need... Read more about SalesLoft

SalesLoft Pricing

Free Trial not available

SalesLoft offers custom pricing plan


Spot Score

SalesHandy - Sales Engagement Software


Turn your emails into a Growth Engine

SalesHandy is the perfect tool to help you take your email marketing strategies to the next level. It easily enables sales teams to rapidly deploy email campaigns in a matter of seconds. With intelligent features like real-time notifications on opens and clicks, customizable tracking links and email verifications, it... Read more about SalesHandy

SalesHandy Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $27/User/Month when Billed Yearly


Spot Score

Cirrus Insight - Sales Engagement Software

Cirrus Insight

Deliver seamless customer service and increase sales with Cirrus insight

Cirrus Insight is the leading sales engagement software. With Cirrus Insight, sales teams get unlimited visibility into all of their buyer activity in one place. The Cirrus Insight platform helps sales teams be more productive by curating and organizing data into a single source of truth.  Sales managers, recruiters,... Read more about Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $7/Month


Spot Score

Yesware - Sales Engagement Software


The ultimate sales toolkit and emailing solution

YesWare offers sales teams an all-in-one solution for engagement and lead capture using Gmail as the interface. From one source, sales reps can collect leads, create plans and schedule meetings. Everything is centralized on one platform to eliminate the time marketers and salespeople spend searching for data and... Read more about Yesware

Yesware Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $15/User/Month when Billed Yearly


Spot Score

Groove - Sales Engagement Software


The leading software to engage your accounts

Groove is a sales engagement platform that makes communication and collaboration easy. Feature rich, the system is used by thousands of companies to connect sales teams, track deals from lead to close, and drive revenue. Companies use it every day to communicate more, keep deals moving, and win more business.... Read more about Groove

Groove Pricing

Free Trial not available

Groove offers custom pricing plan


Spot Score

Outreach - Sales Engagement Software


The leading Sales Engagement platform

Outreach sales engagement software gives a sales force the right message, to the right person, in real time. Sales are made through people, the software helps drive engagement between people from all over the world to build strong relationships, speed up deals and increase revenue for the business. Pulling in files... Read more about Outreach

Outreach Pricing

Free Trial not available

Outreach offers custom pricing plan


Spot Score

Autoklose is a powerful artificial intelligence-driven sales platform, providing an abundance of B2B leads for specialized demographics. With Autoklose, you'll be able to close deals faster than ever before. Simply pick a niche, generate your target list, switch to autopilot mode, and you're good to go! Get access to... Read more about Autoklose

Autoklose Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $49.99/User/Month when Billed Yearly


Spot Score

VanillaSoft - Sales Engagement Software


Your inside sales process simplified

VanillaSoft is the Sales Engagement Platform for global sales organizations. Essential functions like Account, Product and Contact management are realigned with how salespeople engage with their customers and collaborate with their team. The result is better selling, more collaborating and a shared vision for growth.... Read more about VanillaSoft

VanillaSoft Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $80/User/Month


Spot Score

Outplay - Sales Engagement Software


Your multi-channel sales building platform

Outplay is the sales engagement software that makes every salesperson and manager more productive. Features include: Customer Insights, Sales Coaching, P2P Collaboration, Live Strategic Planning, Competitive Analysis & more. Outplay will help to ask the right questions and close business faster.... Read more about Outplay

Outplay Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $79/User/Month when Billed Yearly, also offers free forever plan


Spot Score

SalesBlink - Sales Engagement Software


Lookup Targeted Mails and Automate Cold Outreach

SalesBlink is a sales engagement platform where companies can track & measure activities from contact to closing. Dealing with issues like attrition, lack of performance data, inability to see goals & the need for attribution Sales Engagement platforms are solving a primal need in big businesses. Marketers also... Read more about SalesBlink

SalesBlink Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $40.83/User/Month when Billed Yearly


Spot Score

Mixmax - Sales Engagement Software


Eliminate busywork and focus on building better customer relations

Build personalized, automated email sequences with Mixmax, a sales engagement suite. With this product, send emails that get opened and read. Get follow-ups done with the click of a button. Create scripts with a natural language engine that understands sales conversations.... Read more about Mixmax

Mixmax Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $9/User/Month when Billed Yearly, also offers free forever plan


Spot Score

PersistIQ - Sales Engagement Software


The sales engagement tool with the simplest cleanest interface

PersistIQ is a sales engagement software that helps businesses find, connect and communicate with sales leads across all channels. PersistIQ does this by loading leads into a digital engagement hub of sorts, making them easily accessible within the application. Through the power of dynamic lead nurturing and... Read more about PersistIQ

PersistIQ Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $59


Spot Score - Sales Engagement Software

Get the best multi-channel sales automation platform is sales engagement software that empowers sales teams to close more deals with less effort. allows sales teams to combine the reach of social selling with the power of a predictive lead scoring algorithm and tools that are curated specifically to help them engage with the right leads at the... Read more about Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $19/User/Month


Spot Score

Datananas - Sales Engagement Software


Personalize emails and automate follow-ups

DataNanas is the web-based customer engagement solution needed in today's competitive environment. With data integration, real-time internet monitoring and analytics capabilities, and an intuitive interface, DataNanas is a Sales Engagement Software that will help to maximize revenue opportunities in multi-channel... Read more about Datananas

Datananas Pricing

Free Trial available

Datananas offers custom pricing plan


Spot Score - Sales Engagement Software

Cold emails & follow-ups made easy is designed to make sending cold emails and generating follow-ups a breeze. With this email automation solution, users can set up personalized messages that are automatically sent from their mailboxes to maximize response rates. Users have access to unlimited campaigns and contact lists for personalized... Read more about Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $23/User/Month when Billed Yearly


Spot Score

MindTickle - Sales Engagement Software


Discover the latest trends in sales onboarding programs

MindTickle is an innovative sales onboarding system that helps organizations detect the latest trends that propel business growth. With an array of data-driven insights, this software allows teams to maximize their sales effectiveness with effective customer-facing experiences. They can equip their personnel with the... Read more about MindTickle

MindTickle Pricing

Free Trial not available

MindTickle offers custom pricing plan