CRM Software Features

Billing and Invoicing

An invoice and a bill are documents that convey the same information about the amount owing for the sale of goods or services. Still, a company uses an invoice to collect money from its more

Cash Management

The practice of collecting and managing cash flows is known as cash management. Individuals and businesses both benefit from good cash management; it is an essential part of a company's more

Expense Tracking

Keeping track of your expenses is a crucial component of building a budget for your small business. The financial health of your budget is improved by keeping a daily record of your more


Your firm will be able to hold funds in multiple currencies if you have a multi-currency bank account. When conducting a business across borders, having a multi-currency account can help more


Purchasing is a method by which an individual or organization acquires goods or services to achieve its objectives. Despite the efforts of numerous organizations to establish purchase more

Spend Management

Spend management is the tried-and-true method of monitoring all supplier connections and company purchasing to identify and maximize every dollar spent. Best practices in spend management more

Tax Management

A tax is a governmental mandatory financial charge or levy imposed on a taxpayer to fund certain public expenses. The taxation system is critical for a country's economy since money is more

Self Service Portal

A self-service portal is a website or app that enables workers (or external clients for externally visible support providers) to help themselves when they require assistance, information, more

Contact Management

Contact management refers to keeping, organizing, and managing information about your customers, prospects, and sales leads. In its most basic form, an address book or an Excel or Google more

Project Management

Project management is used to supervise a team's efforts to meet all project objectives while staying within budget. The information is described in project documentation, prepared at the more

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a technology used to assist marketing departments, and businesses promote more effectively across different internet channels while automating tiresome operations. more

Customer Support

Customer support is a term used to describe services that assist customers in making the most cost-effective and proper usage of a product. From product planning to installation, training, more

List Management

Publishing data cards and boosting sales through promotional efforts are part of list management. Processing orders, organizing approvals with the list owner, and coordinating fulfillment more

Quotes (Proposals)

A quote, also known as a proposal, is a document that establishes a contractual connection between two parties. A quote is a supplier's response to a prospective customer's request - one more

Time & Attendance Management

Employees are tracked and monitored using time and attendance systems (TNA). An employer can track its employees' working hours and late arrivals, early departures, break time, and more

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