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Deel - Payroll Software


A Flexible Payroll Platform Suitable for Global Teams

Deel is an all-in-one Global People platform that simplifies and streamlines every aspect of managing an international workforce—from culture and onboarding to local payroll and compliance. Deel is built to scale with organizations of all sizes, from small teams to enterprises of thousands. Whether an organization... Read more about Deel

Deel Pricing

Free Trial not available

Starts from $49/Month


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Bonusly - Employee Recognition Software


Make team work more visible and rewarding

Introducing Bonusly, the comprehensive SaaS platform that makes tracking and rewarding team work effortless. With advanced engagement metrics, customizable reward options, and detailed reports, Bonusly helps boost productivity in any organization. Managers can easily recognize their team's achievements and create... Read more about Bonusly

Bonusly Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $2.70/User/Month when Billed Yearly


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Gusto - Payroll Software


HR, benefits, payroll, and time tracking in one

Gusto is payroll software that lets you manage all your company's payroll and benefits in one place. Gusto matches the right people to the right jobs using built-in background checks and assessments, automates their payroll taxes and filings, and gives employees access to their W-2s, 1099s, health insurance, and... Read more about Gusto

Gusto Pricing

Free Trial not available

Starts from $39/Month


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O.C. Tanner - Employee Recognition Software

O.C. Tanner

Recognise your employees’ achievements and celebrate them together

The O.C. Tanner software is designed to recognize and celebrate the hard work and achievements of employees. This powerful tool allows organizations to motivate and appreciate their employees on a daily basis, as well as acknowledge team and personal successes through service awards. With the option to recognize both... Read more about O.C. Tanner

O.C. Tanner Pricing

Free Trial not available

O.C. Tanner offers custom pricing plan


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Kudos - Employee Recognition Software


Reward and encourage your employees with Kudos

Kudos is a powerful employee recognition tool that promotes a positive and encouraging work environment. With its highly interactive user interface, Kudos makes it simple to recognize and reward employees for their achievements. The platform also offers insightful analytics to track performance and overall workplace... Read more about Kudos

Kudos Pricing

Free Trial not available

Starts from $5/User/Month


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Cooleaf - Employee Engagement Software


Customer engagement made easy for you

. Cooleaf is a state-of-the-art platform designed for top businesses to enhance their customer engagement strategies. With its unique listen-engage-measure approach, Cooleaf aids in creating exceptional experiences for prospects, employees, partners, and customers. By automatically tracking human and system signals... Read more about Cooleaf

Cooleaf Pricing

Free Trial not available

Cooleaf offers custom pricing plan


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Fond - Employee Recognition Software


Reward and uplift your employees with the best deals in the global market

Experience endless ways to reward and motivate your employees with Fond. With our platform, employees can give and receive points for hard work and achievements, which can then be redeemed for exclusive perks and corporate deals. Plus, our points never expire and any unused points are automatically returned to the... Read more about Fond

Fond Pricing

Free Trial not available

Fond offers custom pricing plan


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Achievers - Employee Recognition Software


Real-time employee recognition software for you

Introducing Achievers, a real-time employee recognition software designed to value and reward your workforce. With this platform, you can easily acknowledge your employees' hard work by offering incentives, gifts, and offers, thereby boosting their engagement levels. Achievers is a comprehensive solution that takes a... Read more about Achievers

Achievers Pricing

Free Trial not available

Achievers offers custom pricing plan


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Qarrot - Employee Recognition Software


Strengthen your workplace culture and values with Qarrot

Qarrot is a cloud-based employee rewards and recognition software for growing businesses. Qarrot powers outcome-based rewards and recognition to strengthen culture and improve performance. Built for the needs of both teams and organizations, Qarrot is simple to use, requires minimal set-up, and includes a complete set... Read more about Qarrot

Qarrot Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $3/User/Month


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Terryberry - Employee Recognition Software


Ensures excellent employee recognition

Terryberry is a comprehensive employee recognition software that goes beyond recognition to also provide rewards solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries. It offers a one-stop platform for designing and implementing effective employee recognition programs. With user-friendly modules and an interactive... Read more about Terryberry

Terryberry Pricing

Free Trial not available

Terryberry offers custom pricing plan


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Workstars - Employee Recognition Software


Make your work environment employee friendly

Introducing Workstars, a revolutionary employee recognition platform that promotes a friendly work environment. This smart and advanced tool allows easy access to pre-paid cards, online rewards, and the option to create a customized incentives catalog on a global scale. With Workstars, boost interaction by nominating... Read more about Workstars

Workstars Pricing

Free Trial not available


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WorkTango - Employee Engagement Software


Gain a detailed overview of your employee sentiments

Introducing WorkTango, a powerful platform for gaining a comprehensive understanding of employee sentiments. This innovative tool gathers employee feedback through pulse surveys, giving employees a voice and leaders actionable insights. Developed by psychologists and organizational design experts, WorkTango offers... Read more about WorkTango

WorkTango Pricing

Free Trial not available

WorkTango offers custom pricing plan


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Blueboard - Employee Recognition Software


Ensures exciting employee participation

Introducing Blueboard: the ultimate employee recognition and rewards platform that guarantees an engaging and memorable experience. Unlike traditional methods such as gift cards and cash, Blueboard offers a wide range of handpicked adventure experiences tailored to each individual’s preference. With a lightning-fast... Read more about Blueboard

Blueboard Pricing

Free Trial not available

Blueboard offers custom pricing plan


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Appreiz - Employee Recognition Software


A Simple Performance Management Software

Enhance employee engagement and optimize talent and performance management with Appreiz. This intuitive software simplifies the process of recognizing and acknowledging peers based on their demonstrated values, competencies, and skills. With features to set and track team and individual goals, it helps drive... Read more about Appreiz

Appreiz Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $90/Month


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Levy Recognition - Employee Recognition Software

Levy Recognition

Estimate the employee's performance efficiently with Levy Recognition

Boost your employees' performance with Levy Recognition. This cutting-edge employee recognition and rewarding platform offers various awards and programs to motivate employees, increasing their engagement and retention in the workplace. With Levy Recognition, you can customize awards to match individual performance,... Read more about Levy Recognition

Levy Recognition Pricing

Free Trial not available

Levy Recognition offers custom pricing plan


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HALO Recognition - Employee Recognition Software

HALO Recognition

Solutions for Employee Recognition

HALO Recognition is a powerful employee recognition platform that promotes an engaging and positive workplace culture. This innovative solution offers a unified achievement technology for businesses of any size. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily manage all employee recognition, rewards, and corporate... Read more about HALO Recognition

HALO Recognition Pricing

Free Trial not available

HALO Recognition offers custom pricing plan


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HiFives - Employee Recognition Software


Best employee engagement software

Introducing HiFives, the ultimate employee engagement software with the tagline "Best employee engagement software." It offers an automated, transformative, and computerized experience for employees, partnering with startups, large enterprises, and small and medium industries globally. With its points-based system,... Read more about HiFives

HiFives Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $0.25/User/Month


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Workhuman Social Recognition - Employee Recognition Software

Workhuman Social Recognition

Unleash employee-specific potential and passion on the go

Workhuman Social Recognition is a powerful employee recognition platform that unleashes the potential and passion of each employee, even while on the go. This innovative solution creates a culture of excellence by allowing employees to appreciate and reward their colleagues publicly through the company's stream. By... Read more about Workhuman Social Recognition

Workhuman Social Recognition Pricing

Free Trial not available

Workhuman Social Recognition offers custom pricing plan


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PEERO - Employee Recognition Software


Get experience that has lasting effects on engagement

Take your employee engagement to the next level with PEERO – the revolutionary software from our SaaS Aggregator company. This innovative product recognizes and rewards good actions and positive emotions among you and your colleagues based on shared company values. And that's not all – every month, you'll receive 100... Read more about PEERO

PEERO Pricing

Free Trial not available

PEERO offers custom pricing plan


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JobPts - Employee Recognition Software


Increase employee engagement and productivity

Introducing JobPts, the ultimate solution for boosting employee engagement and productivity. This innovative all-in-one platform streamlines your company's recognition programs, while fostering a culture of appreciation and unity. With JobPts, users have access to a diverse rewards network spanning over 140 countries,... Read more about JobPts

JobPts Pricing

Free Trial not available

JobPts offers custom pricing plan