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ChildDiary - Child Care Software


Easy to use learning journal to track children


Free Trial available

ChildDiary is a Windows based child care and education software. It allows you to create individual files for each child in your daycare center, school or home. You will be able to record... Read more about ChildDiary

Foundations - Child Care Software


Childcare software has never been so easy

Foundations is a complete all-in-one child care management software solution that streamlines and simplifies the business of child care. Foundations is to your business what Microsoft... Read more about Foundations

Jackrabbit Care - Child Care Software

Jackrabbit Care

Online Childcare Center Management Software


Free Trial available

The Jackrabbit Care Online Child Care Management Software is the only child care management system on the market to offer online calendars, online payroll, and home child care software all... Read more about Jackrabbit Care

Sandbox - Child Care Software


Easy Child Care Software for Center Management

Starts from $47 when Billed Yearly

Sandbox Software is a comprehensive, one-stop management solution for childcare businesses. It simplifies administrative tasks such as creating family profiles, sending and tracking... Read more about Sandbox

Highly Rated
Cheqdin Childcare - Child Care Software

Cheqdin Childcare

A Nursery School Management Solution

Starts from $8 when Billed Yearly

Cheqdin is a comprehensive management tool that simplifies the process of running a nursery school, out-of-school club, preschool or childminding enterprise. Our easy-to-navigate digital... Read more about Cheqdin Childcare

Kidkonnect - Child Care Software


Management Software for Daycare, Nursery, Playgroup, Classes & School Management

KidKonnect is a comprehensive child care software available in five languages, viz. English, Sanskrit, Hindi, Telugu and Kannada. It provides parents a secured medium to find reliable child... Read more about Kidkonnect

Remini - Child Care Software


All-In-One Solution for Early Childhood Programs

Remini is an all-in-one, comprehensive software for custimized child care services. It allows you to manage your staff, schedule appointments, pay your employees, create curriculum, email... Read more about Remini

Sawyer Tools - Child Care Software

Sawyer Tools

Powerfully simple children’s activity management

Sawyer Tools simplifies activity administration for children with powerful yet intuitive software. Created with input from teachers who use it frequently, every feature has been built with... Read more about Sawyer Tools

Highly Rated
EZCare - Child Care Software


Hassle-free management of your childcare, preschool and aftercare programs


Free Trial available

EZCare is a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use software solution that will help you easily manage all aspects of your child care business. Whether you've recently opened your own child care... Read more about EZCare

Highly Rated
HiMama - Child Care Software


An all-in-one solution to manage daycare centres

HiMama gives you the power to take charge of your childcare management. It simplifies nearly every aspect of running a childcare business including attendance / location tracking, parent... Read more about HiMama

Highly Rated
Daily Connect - Child Care Software

Daily Connect

An easy and effective way to manage your daycare centre

The Daily Connect Child Care software is the easy way to connect childcare providers to families in ways that meet everyone's needs. This simple online tool allows providers to easily... Read more about Daily Connect

Highly Rated
ChildcareCRM - Child Care Software


Improve your communication skills

ChildcareCRM, with the tagline "Enhance Your Communication Skills", is the leading cloud-based CRM software solution for childcare businesses. Trusted by over 4,000 centers worldwide, it... Read more about ChildcareCRM

brightwheel - Child Care Software


Child Care Management Software

This child care software is focused on helping families manage their life and keeping track of children when they are with a caregiver. It features parent and caregiver dashboards with... Read more about brightwheel

Highly Rated
Parenta Abacus - Child Care Software

Parenta Abacus

Nursery management software can help you gain more

Parenta Abacus is a top-notch nursery management software designed to simplify routine administration tasks, saving valuable time and effort for childcare providers. With our software, you... Read more about Parenta Abacus

Kangarootime - Child Care Software


For next-generation childcare management


Free Trial available

Kangarootime is the ultimate childcare management software, revolutionizing the way business is run. It serves as a bridge between different centres, enabling seamless connectivity and... Read more about Kangarootime

KidKare - Child Care Software


Build software to help get more healthy meals to kids

KidKare is child care management software offering complete solutions for early childhood educational centers, preschools, preschool homes, and day care businesses. The software features... Read more about KidKare

Famly - Child Care Software


Closer to parents and makes it easier to run

Starts from $80 when Billed Yearly

Famly is cloud-based software for child care centers and licensed daycares. It lets you manage kids' information and daily routines, process attendance and check-in/check-out across... Read more about Famly

Illumine - Child Care Software


For superstar centers, an all-in-one childcare software

Illumine is the only integrated software system designed exclusively for the child care industry. Regardless of size, Illumine works to help your business run smoothly and efficiently. That... Read more about Illumine

iCare - Child Care Software


Impactful Business Benefits for Childcare Centers

iCare is a web-based management application that allows parents and professionals to monitor, supervise, manage and collaborate with the caregivers of children under their care. It allows... Read more about iCare

Procare - Child Care Software


Ideal child management software

The Procare software is an integrated software programme with built-in modules for Child care, EFA and Micro finance . Its modules are designed to facilitate recruitment of members, Elders,... Read more about Procare



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