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One App to Replace All Freight Software

Introducing Freightek, your all-in-one solution to revolutionize freight management. With the tagline "One App to Replace All Freight Software," Freightek is your go-to software for streamlining freight forwarding processes and boosting efficiency. Tailored specifically for freight forwarders, this specialized... Read more about Freightek

Freightek Pricing

Free Trial not available

Starts from $195.00per month when Billed Yearly, also offers free forever plan



Digital Solutions for Operations and Service Management

Introducing Envision, the cutting-edge Aviation Maintenance Software by Rusada. Envision sets the standard as a premier solution for efficiently managing airworthiness, maintenance, and flight operations tasks within the aviation industry. Unmatched in its field, Envision simplifies operations by offering a unified... Read more about Envision

Envision Pricing

Free Trial not available

Envision offers custom pricing plan

eFreight Suite - Freight Management Software

eFreight Suite

End to end freight forwarding ERP software

eFreight Suite helps customers stay ahead of the curve with its large selection of freight management features. Easily track shipments and view financial transactions, all powered by robust and ready-to-go integrations and interfaces. Its cutting-edge technology ensures total shipment visibility, automation, and... Read more about eFreight Suite

eFreight Suite Pricing

Free Trial not available

Rose Rocket - Freight Management Software

Rose Rocket

Transportation Management Systems

Rose Rocket is the ideal transportation management system for current transportation companies. Our platform is tailored to the unique needs of today's business, simplifying communication with customers, systems and shippers. By utilizing an open platform, companies can easily integrate their existing business tools,... Read more about Rose Rocket

Rose Rocket Pricing

Free Trial not available

Rose Rocket offers custom pricing plan

Pando - Freight Management Software


Convert logistics costs into revenue growth

Pando is a cutting-edge program engineered to maximize supply chain effectiveness and efficiency. Whether it's suppliers, carriers, or shippers, Pando ensures all parties are working with up-to-date data, allowing for simple and rapid changes as needed. This allows professionals to pick the most cost-effective route... Read more about Pando

Pando Pricing

Free Trial not available

Pando offers custom pricing plan

ZEALIT - Freight Management Software


Connect Create Collaborate

ZEALIT is a cutting-edge Shipping ERP software solution for non-vessel operating common carriers (NVOCC) that helps streamline operations, automate business processes and grant real-time visibility into the global supply chain. This extensively researched and analyzed software has been tried and tested and is widely... Read more about ZEALIT

ZEALIT Pricing

Free Trial not available

ZEALIT offers custom pricing plan

Freightview provides a revolutionary freight management system aimed at small and medium businesses. Our online software simplifies the time and financial cost associated with shipping items. We offer one-stop access and comparison for freight and parcel delivery services, allowing you to easily book a shipment.... Read more about Freightview

Freightview Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $99/Month

Freightos - Freight Management Software


Online Freight Shipping Marketplace and Platform

Freightos eliminates global trade complications by providing customers with one of the most cutting-edge online marketplaces for international shipping. You gain flexibility in finding the most suitable logistics provider for your shipment requirements, and this includes active conversation, round-the-clock support,... Read more about Freightos

Freightos Pricing

Free Trial not available

Starts from $40

Fresa Gold - Freight Management Software

Fresa Gold

Freight Forwarding Made Simple

Fresa Gold is tailored to optimize the freight forwarding process from initial sales quote to shipment details. This SaaS-based ERP system unifies internal and external operations, while automating various activities to make life easier. Its two user interfaces guarantee a secure and transparent recordkeeping... Read more about Fresa Gold

Fresa Gold Pricing

Free Trial not available

Fresa Gold offers custom pricing plan

FreightPOP - Freight Management Software


Managing Logistics Made Simple

FreightPOP simplifies the managing of logistic processes. Our multi-carrier rating system allows your team to easily view and compare rates between different carriers. Keep track of your shipping orders with clear visibility through our dashboards and customizable reports. Our Enterprise TMS software seamlessly... Read more about FreightPOP

FreightPOP Pricing

Free Trial not available

FreightPOP offers custom pricing plan

FreightPath TMS Software is a perfect choice for brokers, carriers, and 3PLs to manage their operations at ease. The cloud-based software ensures that you can effortlessly create invoices and store documents from one system. What's more, you can collaborate with other colleagues in real-time and use the... Read more about FreightPath

FreightPath Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $24.99/User/Month

GoFreight - Freight Management Software


Simple Freight Forwarding Software

Freight is a trucking fleet management software specifically designed to manage fleet no matter if an independent owner operator, small fleet or large fleet. This system will helps to maintain an effective and efficient driver operation by taking business and drivers to the next level. Through features like JobFlex,... Read more about GoFreight

GoFreight Pricing

Free Trial available

GoFreight offers custom pricing plan

GoComet - Freight Management Software


Freight management simplified with GoComet.

GoComet is an AI-enhanced Global Transportation Visibility Platform streamlining logistics from warehousing to the final recipient. It addresses pivotal logistics challenges such as opaque freight rates, lack of cargo movement clarity, fragmented communication, and invoice discrepancies. Among its offerings, GoComet... Read more about GoComet

GoComet Pricing

Free Trial not available

GoComet offers custom pricing plan