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Virtual Cloud Phone System for your Business

Teloz is the pinnacle of advanced technology in the world of cloud contact centers. Teloz is an AI-powered solution that offers an omnichannel experience, combining the latest features with unparalleled efficiency. With its state-of-the-art cloud contact center, Teloz ensures seamless customer interactions across... Read more about Teloz

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Conversation intelligence that provides insights

Introducing Cordless: a cutting-edge call centre solution designed to revolutionize customer support. This innovative platform offers unparalleled conversation intelligence, empowering support teams with invaluable insights for enhanced customer interactions. Cordless sets itself apart by harnessing AI technology and... Read more about Cordless

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your contact center in a box

Introducing Salient, a groundbreaking solution designed to transform the way consumer lenders engage with their clients. Serving as your all-in-one contact center solution, Salient empowers you to streamline customer interactions with ease and efficiency across various communication channels including voice, 2-way... Read more about Salient

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Generative Voice Bot For Interactive Sales

Experience the power of VoiceGenie.AI, a cutting-edge generative voice bot tailored for interactive sales that is brought to you by the esteemed team at Oriserve. This innovative platform leverages industry-leading technologies to enhance customer interactions and streamline processes across Sales, Marketing, Support,... Read more about VoiceGenie.AI

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Discover Oki-Toki, the groundbreaking solution for call center software needs. This revolutionary omnichannel platform is the ultimate answer for all customer service requirements. Oki-Toki stands out as the only of its kind, offering a diverse range of communication channels at your disposal, including calls, web... Read more about Oki-Toki

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LiveVox - Contact Center Operations Software


Next Generation Contact & Call Center Software

LiveVox is a leading software platform that facilitates 14 billion interactions yearly. Combining a range of powerful features, LiveVox ensures excellent customer and agent experiences. Our solution also incorporates advanced Omnichannel communication, WFO & CRM capacities to reduce compliance risks. Experience the... Read more about LiveVox

LiveVox Pricing

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LiveVox offers custom pricing plan

Intradiem - Contact Center Operations Software


A Customer Service Software

Intradiem is a groundbreaking customer service software that utilizes AI-enabled technology to provide a modern solution to maximize productivity. It seamlessly integrates with already existing Call Center and Workforce Management Software, giving you the power to monitor contact center data with extreme accuracy and... Read more about Intradiem

Intradiem Pricing

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Intradiem offers custom pricing plan

Newfies-Dialer - Contact Center Operations Software


Powerful Auto-Dialer & Voice Broadcasting Software

Newfies-Dialer is a powerful auto-dialer and voice broadcasting software that can be used for mass outbound calling, press one dialing and offering outbound IVR. The system is designed to provide potential users with the capability of dialling countless phone numbers in succession, delivering a substantial number of... Read more about Newfies-Dialer

Newfies-Dialer Pricing

Free Trial not available

Starts from $1,799/Month

Hello Stats - Contact Center Operations Software

Hello Stats

Call Tracking for Marketers

Hello Stats, a call tracking tool designed for marketers, allows you to gain insights on the demographic data of your callers. By recording calls, it helps enhance sales performance. Track both online and offline call sources with ease using Hello Stats' user-friendly dashboard. With its quick and efficient features,... Read more about Hello Stats

Hello Stats Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $6/Month

UpTeam - Contact Center Operations Software


Call Management system

Introducing UpTeam - the ultimate call management system for businesses. With its innovative features, this app helps manage a variety of sales teams within an organization, from outbound sales executives to recruiters. But what sets UpTeam apart is its ability to make calls to customers, clients, and stakeholders,... Read more about UpTeam

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Free Trial not available

Variphy - Contact Center Operations Software


Enhance reporting and analytics experience with Variphy

Revolutionize your reporting and data analysis experience with Variphy. This SaaS software enriches CDR reports and calls by providing customizable dashboards, widgets, and wallboards. Access real-time data at your fingertips through web-based reports, tailored for administrators, agents, and supervisors. With expert... Read more about Variphy

Variphy Pricing

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Variphy offers custom pricing plan

Introducing CallTracking - your go-to solution for monitoring multiple calls and gauging the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Developed in-house, this software streamlines the process of tracking calls from various sources, enabling businesses to optimize their advertising budget and accurately measure... Read more about CallTracking

CallTracking Pricing

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CallTracking offers custom pricing plan

MyDoctorCalls - Contact Center Operations Software


Call Tracking Application Software

Introducing MyDoctorCalls - the ultimate call tracking solution for doctors and their practices. This powerful web-based application allows you to monitor and record all incoming calls, giving you valuable insights into your marketing efforts. With every sign-up, you will have access to local and toll-free tracking... Read more about MyDoctorCalls

MyDoctorCalls Pricing

Free Trial not available

Starts from $99/Month

Magnetis - Contact Center Operations Software


Call-tracking: phone call analytics

Magnetis, a powerful tool from a leading SaaS Aggregator company, offers call-tracking capabilities to help you gain valuable insights from your phone calls. With its phone call analytics, you can track call volumes, sources, and calendar of calls, as well as detect and follow up on missed calls. This feature-rich... Read more about Magnetis

Magnetis Pricing

Free Trial not available

Track Leads - Contact Center Operations Software

Track Leads

Think About Analytical Data

Amplify your business with our revolutionary product, Track Leads. Say goodbye to traditional approaches where data was only accessible to experts or large corporations. Our product puts you in control of your data, giving you a competitive edge. Move beyond basic analytic tools and meaningless reports, and uncover... Read more about Track Leads

Track Leads Pricing

Free Trial not available

Starts from $30/Month

CloudCall - Contact Center Operations Software


Use conversations to grow your business

CloudCall is the ultimate solution for businesses looking to thrive by leveraging the power of conversations. Seamlessly integrating with CRM systems, it not only unifies all interactions but also ensures higher data quality and efficiency. With an easy-to-use interface, CloudCall simplifies the process of making... Read more about CloudCall

CloudCall Pricing

Free Trial not available

CloudCall offers custom pricing plan

CallMatrix - Contact Center Operations Software


Manage incoming calls seamlessly with CallMatrix

CallMatrix, a powerful call management software, allows you to handle incoming calls efficiently. It simplifies the process of answering calls, converting them into paying clients. With the ability to create local and toll-free numbers, set call routing policies and use the numbers for marketing, CallMatrix is a... Read more about CallMatrix

CallMatrix Pricing

Free Trial not available

Starts from $29/Month when Billed Yearly

ipSCAPE - Contact Center Operations Software


Engage Customer with Better Business Experiences

Revolutionize the way you engage with customers and provide top-notch business experiences with ipSCAPE. This versatile, cloud-based call center software offers omnichannel capabilities to automate your personalized communications. Record calls with ease, whether automatically or upon agent request, and assign them to... Read more about ipSCAPE

ipSCAPE Pricing

Free Trial not available

ipSCAPE offers custom pricing plan

Squaretalk - Contact Center Operations Software


Making call centers powerful

Introducing Squaretalk – the all-in-one cloud communications platform designed to elevate call centers to new heights. With its low cost, scalability, and user-friendly interface, this software empowers sales and support teams to operate efficiently from anywhere. Connect with customers through their preferred... Read more about Squaretalk

Squaretalk Pricing

Free Trial not available

Squaretalk offers custom pricing plan

8x8 - Contact Center Operations Software


Integrate your teams in public or private chat rooms

The 8x8 Contact Center Operation Software is a complete contact center solution with all the tools need to provide top-quality service and delight the customers. From the agent desktop to management dashboards, it provides the power and flexibility to communicate effectively at competitive price points that are right... Read more about 8x8

8x8 Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $12/User/Month