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Reinvent the contact center

Cresta is a powerful AI platform designed to improve contact centers. It combines conversation intelligence with real-time support for agents, making contact centers more efficient and effective. Cresta uses generative AI to give instant advice to sales and service agents, based on the best practices of top... Read more about Cresta

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Cresta offers custom pricing plan



Get every role-play & client call scored in seconds

Introducing SellMeThisPen – the cutting-edge tool designed to revolutionize the way sales professionals hone their skills and excel in client conversations. Tired of stumbling through calls and meetings, uncertain of how to navigate objections or what questions to ask? Bid farewell to doubt and usher in confidence... Read more about SellMeThisPen

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Effective AI Sales Coaching and Training Platform

Introducing Wonderway, the next-generation AI Sales Coaching and Training Platform that revolutionizes the way sales teams operate. This cutting-edge software leverages artificial intelligence to drive exceptional sales performance and boost team productivity. Wonderway stands out as a game-changer with its rich array... Read more about Wonderway

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Wonderway offers custom pricing plan



AI-powered insights

Unleash the power of AI-driven insights with Spiky! Elevate your presence in meetings and presentations with Spiky, the cutting-edge platform designed to enhance communication and clarity in any professional setting. Whether you struggle with articulating your ideas or aim to make a lasting impact in the boardroom,... Read more about Spiky

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Spiky offers custom pricing plan

Copilot - Sales Coaching Software


Real-time sales coach

Copilot is the real-time sales coach that your team needs. No more searching for the answers to things that you don't know to look for. Copilot provides cue cards and transcript summaries to sales reps, making it easier for them to be productive and succeed in their roles. With Copilot, every conversation to every... Read more about Copilot

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Free Trial not available

Copilot offers custom pricing plan

Trellus - Sales Coaching Software


Trellus – An AI Powered Solution for Modern Companies!

Introducing Trellus - an AI-based sales coach for modern businesses. This ingenious tool gives real-time analytics and artificial intelligence to provide reps with a personal AI coach during every call. Trellus makes it simple to identify areas of improvement with its deep analysis ability and suggest best practices... Read more about Trellus

Trellus Pricing

Free Trial not available

Starts from $50/Month when Billed Yearly, also offers Free Forever plan

TIQ Software - Sales Coaching Software

TIQ Software

Boost brand engagement

TIQ Software is an innovative solution designed to help boost brand engagement and empower sales reps. With this intuitive software, product training becomes an enjoyable event, increasing employee retention and driving more sales. By helping reps to remember the brand, values, and product offering, TIQ software... Read more about TIQ Software

TIQ Software Pricing

Free Trial not available

Starts from $79/Month when Billed Yearly

PitchMonster - Sales Coaching Software


Sales Conversations Made Simple

PitchMonster is an easy-to-use software that makes sales conversations simpler. With its help, sales teams can create role-play simulations and receive real-time feedback to fine-tune pitches. This useful software is utilized by Sales Leaders and Coaches to continuously enhance sales performance. PitchMonster offers a... Read more about PitchMonster

PitchMonster Pricing

Free Trial not available

Starts from $15/Month when Billed Yearly, also offers Free Forever plan

Showpad Coach - Sales Coaching Software

Showpad Coach

Ensure the success of your sales team with Showpad Coach

Showpad Coach is an advanced sales training and coaching platforms designed to help sales teams reach their goals and maximize success. With an easy-to-use and enjoyable program, it enables sales teams to upskill through practice, peer evaluations, and role-plays. This modernized system provides sellers with quick... Read more about Showpad Coach

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Free Trial not available

Showpad Coach offers custom pricing plan

CT Connect - Sales Coaching Software

CT Connect

Activate your frontline sales managers

CT Connect is a sales enablement tool that arms front line managers with data-driven insights that guide them through the onboarding and continued training of their teams. By providing key frameworks and resources, managers are able to asses daily seller performance against their goals and effectively assess... Read more about CT Connect

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Free Trial not available

CT Connect offers custom pricing plan

Dialworks - Sales Coaching Software


Simulator enabling you to ramp sales up to 3X faster

Dialworks, the latest product by SaaS Labs, is a revolutionary simulator that can boost your sales up to 3 times faster. This cutting-edge platform allows sales leaders to gauge their team's readiness by using realistic scenarios from the actual market. With Dialworks, sales reps can hone their skills with on-demand... Read more about Dialworks

Dialworks Pricing

Free Trial not available

Dialworks offers custom pricing plan

barista AI - Sales Coaching Software

barista AI

Bring sales playbooks to life

"Introducing Barista AI - the game-changing solution for bringing your sales playbooks to life. With its real-time assistance and access to the perfect playbook for each deal and customer interaction, you can orchestrate deals with precision and nail every interaction. Revolutionize your approach and have impactful... Read more about barista AI

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Free Trial not available

barista AI offers custom pricing plan

bao - Sales Coaching Software


Real-Time Conversation Software

Introducing bao - a cutting-edge Real-Time Conversation Software designed to revolutionize the way businesses communicate with their sales team. With its advanced tools, bao automates the documentation of conversations and offers voice recognition for seamless and efficient communication. It also allows users to track... Read more about bao

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Free Trial not available

bao offers custom pricing plan

Converz - Sales Coaching Software


Create Sales experts with Converz

Converz, with its tagline "Create Sales experts with Converz", is a sales coaching program designed to increase client interactions and boost sales. It offers digital teaching and mentoring for contact center agents, enabling them to deliver exceptional customer experiences, improve sales conversions, and accelerate... Read more about Converz

Converz Pricing

Free Trial not available

Converz offers custom pricing plan

Siro - Sales Coaching Software


World-class field sales teams

Introducing Siro, the ultimate solution for enhancing your field sales team's performance. Our state-of-the-art software allows reps to effortlessly record and transcribe face-to-face conversations. With built-in bookmark functionality, you can easily access important parts of the conversation. Siro eliminates the... Read more about Siro

Siro Pricing

Free Trial not available

Siro offers custom pricing plan

Dirac - Sales Coaching Software


Close sales with ease

Boost your sales with Dirac - the ultimate AI-powered sales coach. Enhance your team's performance and seal deals with ease. This innovative tool delves into your online meeting interactions, providing valuable insights on your potential customers' concerns and needs that may have otherwise been overlooked. Stay ahead... Read more about Dirac

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Free Trial not available

Dirac offers custom pricing plan

ConversionCoach - Sales Coaching Software


The Sales Behavior Platform

ConversionCoach is the ultimate sales behavior platform that helps your team achieve their full potential. By analyzing sales techniques against industry best practices, our software identifies areas of improvement to enhance close rates and boost your revenue. Gain valuable insights into the behaviors that drive... Read more about ConversionCoach

ConversionCoach Pricing

Free Trial not available

Starts from $249.99/Month