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An advanced multi-touch attribution software for your Salesforce is a marketing attribution platform that makes it easy for marketers to understand how effective their media investments are. uses technology to deliver seamless data integrations with all major channels, enabling user to measure the performance of campaigns from any source.... Read more about Attribution Attribution Pricing

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Prismana - Marketing Attribution Software


Lead Attribution For Small To Mid-Sized Businesses

Prismana is a research-grade analytics and monitoring product that reveals what customers are doing, thinking, and saying online at every stage of the sales funnel. With this information user can obtain marketing attribution to generate more sales. ... Read more about Prismana

Prismana Pricing

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rampmetrics - Marketing Attribution Software


Promote accurate business growth with exclusive marketing insights

RampMetrics is a software product that enables organizations to measure and analyze marketing performance across the entire customer journey using patent-pending attribution modeling. RampMetrics makes it easy to run experiments, compare and contrast marketing channels and tactics, and optimize marketing spend by... Read more about rampmetrics

rampmetrics Pricing

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InfiniGrow - Marketing Attribution Software


The revenue marketing platform for generating revenue

. InfiniGrow is a revenue marketing platform designed for B2B teams to effectively plan and forecast budgets. With its multi-touch attribution feature, it allows for evaluation of the business impact and ROI of various actions and channels. This platform enables a streamlined and data-driven approach to budget... Read more about InfiniGrow

InfiniGrow Pricing

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Attributer - Marketing Attribution Software


A Marketing Channel Attribution

Attributer Pricing

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Dreamdata - Marketing Attribution Software


Revenue Attribution Made Simple

Dreamdata can be used to conduct marketing attribution analysis by combining offline data sources and online web behavior. It tracks a user’s activity across entire network of pages, then matches that against the ID generated by cookies with known information about the site. ... Read more about Dreamdata

Dreamdata Pricing

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CaliberMind - Marketing Attribution Software


Make correct decisions based on appropriate analytics

CaliberMind is marketing attribution software that quantifies multi-touch attribution for better test allocation, reporting and analysis. It is used by marketers to measure the effects of marketing tactics on consumer purchases including search, display, email, and social.... Read more about CaliberMind

CaliberMind Pricing

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Attribution - Marketing Attribution Software


Attribution monitoring made seamless

Marketing attribution software combines the power of the world's largest behavioral data collection companies with a world-class campaign analysis engine. Using the patent-pending technology, user get complete insight into how individual marketing initiatives generate sales revenue across channels. ... Read more about Attribution

Attribution Pricing

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Roivenue - Marketing Attribution Software


Maximize Your Marketing ROI

Roivenue is a revolutionary new marketing attribution software that simplifies the repetitive, manual work of matching customer data to purchases. It allows companies to realize new revenue by discovering never before seen insights into the marketing campaigns which influence customers to make their purchase.... Read more about Roivenue

Roivenue Pricing

Free Trial not available

Bizible - Marketing Attribution Software


Making the right marketing decision just got easier

Bizible is a Marketing Attribution Platform that understands the customer journey - from first touch to purchase. It optimizes for attribution by creating precise marketing maps across media and channels, and helps companies measure the impact of their media strategies.... Read more about Bizible

Bizible Pricing

Free Trial not available

LeadsRx - Marketing Attribution Software


Access more marketing touchpoints to get a complete view of the customer journey

LeadsRx is a marketing attribution software that is used to identify leads and source campaigns that are more predictive of accounts receivable (AR). In addition to being able to analyze performance per geography, circulation area, subscription area, or channel partner, businesses can now also view statistics for the... Read more about LeadsRx

LeadsRx Pricing

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Wicked Reports - Marketing Attribution Software

Wicked Reports

Analyse marketing campaigns with Wicked Reports to boost ROI and LTV

Wicked Reports is a marketing attribution software that allows not only marketers, but also sales and business development teams to attribute leads, pipeline contribution, job opportunities and revenue to marketing activities. It creates reports which are shared in real-time with the rest of the team to help them... Read more about Wicked Reports

Wicked Reports Pricing

Free Trial not available

Starts from $260 when Billed Yearly

Full Circle Insights - Marketing Attribution Software

Full Circle Insights

Response Management Software

Full Circle Insights is the marketing attribution solution that helps marketing teams discover, track, and capitalize on business growth opportunities. From brand building insights to revenue attribution and predictive modeling, Full Circle Insights delivers continuous actionable insights used by marketers to guide... Read more about Full Circle Insights

Full Circle Insights Pricing

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C3 Metrics - Marketing Attribution Software

C3 Metrics

Ace your marketing work with C3 Metrics

C3 Metrics is a powerful marketing attribution solution. It will gives complete visibility over how customers are exposed to the campaigns and from which campaigns each of the customer come. User can model this against the data in a CRM or DMS systems to begin understanding what channels are driving revenue and how... Read more about C3 Metrics

C3 Metrics Pricing

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Cubed - Marketing Attribution Software


The data to create a greater marketing ROI

Cubed delivers powerful multi-touch attribution powered by an unbeatable neural network-based machine learning model. With Cubed, brands access the insights they need to stay ahead in their market and refine their marketing for maximum ROI. Its propensity modelling allows brands to determine user behaviour that is... Read more about Cubed

Cubed Pricing

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Dimensions Attribution - Marketing Attribution Software

Dimensions Attribution

The Next Generation of Marketing

Dimensions Attribution is an innovative analytics platform which makes marketing effortless. By using ML, it simplifies the complex metrics, providing clear insights on the performance of existing campaigns and enabling you to identify new opportunities for growth. This cutting-edge tool eliminates the need for... Read more about Dimensions Attribution

Dimensions Attribution Pricing

Free Trial not available

Lifesight - Marketing Attribution Software


Unlock advanced planning and analytics

Leverage Lifesight to unlock more effective and impactful advertising campaigns. Our cutting-edge AI and big data capabilities take you to the next level of analytics and planning. Our advanced AI algorithms provide an unparalleled and in-depth view of consumer behaviour, preference and trends. From geographic to... Read more about Lifesight

Lifesight Pricing

Free Trial not available

Attribuly - Marketing Attribution Software


Understand The Customers Buying Journey

Attribuly is a cutting edge marketing solution that provides comprehensive insight into the customer buying journey. This tool is the only Shopify app in the market that offers events integration for customers. With Attribuly, marketers can track campaigns to understand which are the most effective and thus, enhance... Read more about Attribuly

Attribuly Pricing

Free Trial not available

Starts from $39 when Billed Yearly

GETitOUT - Marketing Attribution Software


All-in-One Marketing Builder

Introducing GETitOUT, the ultimate All-in-One Marketing Builder designed to take your business to the next level. With its powerful features, this software provides everything you need to create a successful marketing campaign. From finding your ideal clients to crafting captivating messaging, websites and landing... Read more about GETitOUT

GETitOUT Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $39 when Billed Yearly

My Digital CMO - Marketing Attribution Software

My Digital CMO

Create your marketing strategy now

Introducing My Digital CMO - the ideal solution for designing and implementing a successful marketing strategy. With a comprehensive range of features, this tool empowers you to plan, execute, analyze, and enhance your digital marketing efforts. It was specifically developed for small businesses and startups, like... Read more about My Digital CMO

My Digital CMO Pricing

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