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Write Compelling Emails By Saying A Few Words

Experience the magic of VoiceType, your ultimate writing companion that revolutionizes the way you craft emails. Say goodbye to the days of struggling to find the right words while typing, as VoiceType empowers you with a powerful AI directly in your browser. This innovative tool is like having a personal assistant at... Read more about VoiceType

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Free Trial available

VoiceType offers custom pricing plan



Fix recorded speech as easy as typos

Looking to transform your audio recordings without the hassle of re-recording? Meet Overdub - the ultimate solution for anyone aiming to enhance the quality of their audio content effortlessly. Overdub leverages cutting-edge AI voice cloning technology, allowing users to swiftly rectify errors or awkward segments in... Read more about Overdub

Overdub Pricing

Free Trial not available

Starts from $12.00per user / month when Billed Yearly, also offers Free Forever plan



Speak Your Vision Into Existence

Introducing Voxxio, the innovative solution that allows users to effortlessly transform their verbal concepts into captivating visual storyboards, simply by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Whether you're an entrepreneur, marketer, or creative specialist seeking to impress clients without... Read more about Voxxio

Voxxio Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $15.00per month when Billed Yearly, also offers Free Forever plan



Top AI Contact Center Solution

Introducing CallZen, the premier AI Contact Center Solution designed to revolutionize the way businesses operate. With the tagline "Top AI Contact Center Solution," CallZen embodies a groundbreaking approach to conversational intelligence, poised to reshape the business landscape. Our primary goal is to equip business... Read more about CallZen

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Free Trial not available

CallZen offers custom pricing plan



State-of-the-art AI Powered

Inteliconvo is a cutting-edge AI-powered platform that revolutionizes speech analysis and automation. It is designed to empower businesses and organizations by uncovering invaluable insights from customer conversations that might otherwise go unnoticed. With Inteliconvo, every single customer call can be meticulously... Read more about Inteliconvo

Inteliconvo Pricing

Free Trial not available

Inteliconvo offers custom pricing plan

Cogito Dialog

Cogito Dialog

Fuse Emotional Intelligence Software

Introducing Cogito Dialog, where Emotional Intelligence Software meets cutting-edge technology. Cogito Dialog is a revolutionary contact center AI solution that leverages advanced algorithms to analyze an extensive range of conversational cues and behaviors in real-time. By offering live in-call guidance and... Read more about Cogito Dialog

Cogito Dialog Pricing

Free Trial not available

Cogito Dialog offers custom pricing plan

Clarity Hub

Clarity Hub

Customer interview software for business

Introducing Clarity Hub, a cutting-edge customer interview software designed for businesses seeking to streamline their evaluation process and enhance decision-making. With Clarity Hub, you can effortlessly consolidate all client feedback data, allowing for efficient organization, analysis, and collaboration within... Read more about Clarity Hub

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Free Trial available

Clarity Hub offers custom pricing plan

Poised - Speech Analytics Software


Win your next interview

Poised is the ultimate AI-powered communication assistant, assisting you to ace your upcoming interviews. By using advanced Artificial Intelligence, it provides real-time feedback on word choice, energy, emphasis, clarity, and more. Private & secure, Poised has become an indispensable tool in the digital-first... Read more about Poised

Poised Pricing

Free Trial not available

Starts from $24/Month , also offers Free Forever plan

Picovoice - Speech Analytics Software


Cost-effective audio transcription

Picovoice is the efficient and cost-effective solution for transforming your audio into transcription and other useful insights. It merges cloud-based speech recognition and on-device ASR to deliver top-level performance while reducing costs. Leverage domain-specific models to optimize accuracy. Seamlessly transition... Read more about Picovoice

Picovoice Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $899/Month , also offers Free Forever plan

Record - Speech Analytics Software


Resolve user issues in minutes

Introducing Record - an efficient productivity tool to quickly detect user issues and provide easy solutions. It consolidates necessary data in one spot, which makes toggling widgets on the product and sharing data with internal teams, such as product and R&D teams, a breeze. Record takes analytics to the next level... Read more about Record

Record Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $1,300 when Billed Monthly, also offers Free Forever plan

Floatbot - Speech Analytics Software


Voice data to drive Customer Delight

Floatbot is an innovative conversational AI suite designed specifically for insurance carriers, agencies, and brokers. It offers AI-powered Chatbot and Voicebot solutions to drive digital sales of insurance by 150% and reduce customer support costs by 40%. This omni-channel and multilingual platform enables... Read more about Floatbot

Floatbot Pricing

Free Trial available

Floatbot offers custom pricing plan

Allo-Media - Speech Analytics Software


Reinventing phone Customer Experience

Allo-Media is revolutionizing the way businesses handle customer calls with its advanced AI platform. With features like Call Tracking, Automatic Natural Language Recognition, and Speech Analytics, Allo-Media makes it easy for you to turn customer calls into actionable insights. This powerful tool offers automated... Read more about Allo-Media

Allo-Media Pricing

Free Trial not available

Allo-Media offers custom pricing plan

Neuraswitch RedaXion - Speech Analytics Software

Neuraswitch RedaXion

This software delivers compliance

Introducing Neuraswitch RedaXion, a powerful speech analytics platform that utilizes AI and Voice Data to enhance contact center efficiency. With its innovative Intelligent Redaction feature, enterprises can effortlessly scrub and replace sensitive information like PCI, PII, and PHI to maintain compliance. This... Read more about Neuraswitch RedaXion

Neuraswitch RedaXion Pricing

Free Trial not available

Neuraswitch RedaXion offers custom pricing plan

Voyc - Speech Analytics Software


Speech analytics software powered by AI

Voyc, a cutting-edge speech analytics software powered by AI, is the ultimate solution for regulated organizations. It enables them to effortlessly monitor 100% of their contact center conversations, resulting in improved operational efficiency, quick detection of complaints, identification of vulnerable clients, and... Read more about Voyc

Voyc Pricing

Free Trial not available

Voyc offers custom pricing plan

Speechmate - Speech Analytics Software


Gain Insights with In-Store Sales

Discover the power of Speechmate, an innovative audio badge that transforms sales interactions into valuable insights. Empower your sales assistants by tracking sales standards and scripts, and receive real-time reports with automatic data transfer for analysis. This powerful SaaS Aggregator tool offers a convenient... Read more about Speechmate

Speechmate Pricing

Free Trial not available

Starts from $200/Month

Oxus.AI - Speech Analytics Software


Monitor and analyse calls to boost your performance

Introducing Oxus.AI, the ultimate speech analytics software designed to elevate your sales team's performance. With a deep learning AI that supports over 7000 languages, Oxus.AI allows you to monitor and analyze 100% of your calls, providing instant feedback to enhance your team's phone skills. The user-friendly... Read more about Oxus.AI

Oxus.AI Pricing

Free Trial not available

Oxus.AI offers custom pricing plan

Xdroid Voice Analytics - Speech Analytics Software

Xdroid Voice Analytics

A voice analytics platform like none other

Xdroid Voice Analytics is an exceptional voice analytics platform powered by artificial intelligence that provides actionable results for clients. It revolutionizes emotion analytics, helping clients gain a deep understanding of their customers and offer targeted solutions. Through the use of machine learning, the... Read more about Xdroid Voice Analytics

Xdroid Voice Analytics Pricing

Free Trial not available

Xdroid Voice Analytics offers custom pricing plan

Summatti - Speech Analytics Software


The simplest platform to know what customers exactly want

Introducing Summatti - the ultimate platform for understanding customer needs with ease. Powered by AI-driven speech analytics, Summatti is a user-friendly and code-free tool ideal for QA implementation and retrieving actionable insights. With a growing client base of 100 companies, Summatti simplifies digital audit... Read more about Summatti

Summatti Pricing

Free Trial not available

Summatti offers custom pricing plan

SmartSpeech - Speech Analytics Software


Excellent In Class Analytics Software For Contact Centers

SmartSpeech is a cutting-edge speech analytics software designed for contact centers. With top-notch analytics capabilities, it organizes data into various dimensions and measurements, revealing intricate connections between business variables. SmartSpeech is the ideal solution for monitoring agent performance,... Read more about SmartSpeech

SmartSpeech Pricing

Free Trial not available

SmartSpeech offers custom pricing plan

Skit - Speech Analytics Software


Using natural language processing, automate customer service activities.

Skit is a robust Conversational AI platform that caters to businesses of all sizes, such as enterprises, small and medium businesses, and startups. It offers comprehensive solutions for web and Android development with advanced features like chatbots, contextual guidance, multi-language support, speech recognition,... Read more about Skit

Skit Pricing

Free Trial not available

Skit offers custom pricing plan