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Deliver data products that everyone can trust

Soda is an AI-enabled data quality platform built for the modern data stack. With the software, powerful data quality checks can be embedded directly into data stacks and systems, ensuring that the delivered data is accurate, reliable, and trustworthy. ... Read more about Soda

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Modern Data Quality Platform

Step into the realm of cutting-edge data analysis with Digna – a revolutionary Modern Data Quality Platform. Crafted for the astute professional seeking more than surface-level data insights, Digna is the quintessential companion for businesses striving for flawless data integrity. Unlike mere data scanners, this... Read more about Digna

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Free Trial not available

Starts from $1,490.00per month when Billed Yearly, also offers Free Forever plan



All-in-one data quality platform

Introducing Boardana, a cutting-edge data quality platform that revolutionizes the way you manage contact data. With the tagline "All-in-one data quality platform," Boardana offers a comprehensive solution for ensuring the accuracy of your contact information across all platforms seamlessly. Gone are the days of... Read more about Boardana

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DemandTools - Data Quality Software


CRM Data Quality Tool

Introducing DemandTools- the ultimate solution for maintaining the quality of CRM data. With its powerful bulk processing and automation features, DemandTools ensures that data quality is always a top priority. Unlock valuable insights about your customers through clean and accurate data. Say goodbye to duplicate... Read more about DemandTools

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