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Stellar Converter for EDB logo

Stellar Converter for EDB

Fast, Reliable EDB Conversion for Exchange Admins

Stellar Converter for EDB is a comprehensive tool designed for the seamless conversion and recovery of Exchange Database (EDB) files. This advanced software helps Exchange administrators and IT professionals extract mailboxes from corrupt or inaccessible EDB files and save them in various formats including PST, MSG,... Read more about Stellar Converter for EDB

Stellar Converter for EDB Pricing

Free Trial not available



Transform Your Bank Statements

Elevate your financial data management with BankStmtConverter - the ultimate tool to effortlessly convert your bank statements into Excel or CSV format. Say goodbye to manual data entry and cumbersome formatting as BankStmtConverter streamlines the process of extracting and organizing vital information from your bank... Read more about BankStmtConverter

BankStmtConverter Pricing

Free Trial not available

Card Scanner

Card Scanner

Best Business Card Scanner Application

Introducing the Card Scanner, a must-have solution for streamlining your business card management. With the tagline "Best Business Card Scanner Application," this innovative tool is designed to simplify the process of digitizing your business card collection. Say goodbye to the tedious task of manually entering... Read more about Card Scanner

Card Scanner Pricing

Free Trial not available

Card Scanner offers custom pricing plan

Convert My Bank Statement

Convert My Bank Statement

Convert PDF Bank Statements to Excel

Introducing Convert My Bank Statement: Your Ultimate Solution for Effortlessly Converting PDF Bank Statements to Excel. Say goodbye to the days of manually entering endless data from bank statements thanks to our user-friendly software. Whether you're tired of the time-consuming task or simply seeking a hassle-free... Read more about Convert My Bank Statement

Convert My Bank Statement Pricing

Free Trial not available

Starts from $3.00per month when Billed Yearly

pdfEndpoint - File Converter Software


Effortlessly Convert HTML and URLs to PDF

pdfEndpoint is perfect for anyone seeking to quickly and reliably convert HTML or URLs into high-quality PDF documents. Its integration options and full formatting control make it simple for users to accomplish their goals. This HTML to PDF solution's intuitive interface and thorough Documentation make sure that code... Read more about pdfEndpoint

pdfEndpoint Pricing

Free Trial not available

pdfEndpoint offers custom pricing plan

Geekersoft OCR - File Converter Software

Geekersoft OCR

Online OCR word recognition

With Geekersoft OCR, you can quickly transform scanned PDFs and photos into editable Word, Excel, PPT, and TXT documents. Just upload your JPG, PNG, and PDF files to the OCR word recognition program and start the conversion process. Once the conversion is complete, simply download the file and you’re done. Now you can... Read more about Geekersoft OCR

Geekersoft OCR Pricing

Free Trial not available

Convert PDFs - File Converter Software

Convert PDFs

Convert PDF Files in Minutes

Convert PDFs with the new software! Transform your documents within minutes, no matter the size or complexity. Quickly upload PDFs from any of your devices with our easy and convenient drag and drop feature. Once your files have been converted, you'll be able to access each PNG file in one neat packed ZIP archive... Read more about Convert PDFs

Convert PDFs Pricing

Free Trial not available - File Converter Software

PDF Converter is a quick and slick solution to convert various file types into PDFs and vice versa. You can effortlessly switch PDF files into Word, Excel, Images and edit, rotate, combine or delete pages of your PDF files. Its easy-to-use interface ensures smooth conversion services.... Read more about Pricing

Free Trial not available

Starts from $5/Month

PDFShift - File Converter Software


Convert HTML to PDF using Page Link or Raw Code

PDFShift offers an API to easily convert HTML to PDF with just a link or raw code. It supports languages like Javascript, Python, Ruby, JAVA. C#, etc for easy integration. Its advanced features enable users to make use of encryption, custom headers and footers with pagination, custom CSS and javascript, and... Read more about PDFShift

PDFShift Pricing

Free Trial not available

Starts from $7.50/Month when Billed Yearly, also offers Free Forever plan

Zamzar - File Converter Software


Convert your files with Zamzar

Zamzar is a popular cloud-based platform that offers powerful file conversion services. Easily convert documents, images, audio, video, compressed, and CAD files into numerous other formats. You even have the option to contact them for new formats whenever needed! Get unlimited scalability, thanks to their cloud-based... Read more about Zamzar

Zamzar Pricing

Free Trial not available

Starts from $9/Month

Convertio - File Converter Software


Convert files into any format of your choice

Convertio is a powerful file transforming software with an extensive set of conversion possibilities, allowing users to convert digital documents, images and videos into any desired output format. Supporting over 25600 conversion strategies and over 300 file types, Convertio is fast, easy-to-use, and provides... Read more about Convertio

Convertio Pricing

Free Trial not available

Starts from $9.99/Month

LitPDF - File Converter Software


Converting products to PDF

Introducing LitPDF, the ultimate solution for converting products to PDF. With LitPDF, you can easily select and convert product listings into high-quality PDF documents, preserving the same order and layout as the original listings. Choose from a variety of design templates to create professional and customized PDFs.... Read more about LitPDF

LitPDF Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $4.99/Month

Scanner Go - File Converter Software

Scanner Go

Fast & Secure File Conversion

Introducing Scanner Go – the ultimate file conversion solution for all your needs. With lightning-fast speed and top-notch security, this software can convert various file types, from images to documents and books, in mere seconds. Access your files anytime and anywhere with our secure storage feature. Plus, manage,... Read more about Scanner Go

Scanner Go Pricing

Free Trial not available

Geekersoft PDF to Word - File Converter Software

Geekersoft PDF to Word

Convert PDF files accurately on Geekersoft Free Convert PDF to Word Online

Geekersoft PDF to Word is a powerful yet user-friendly software that allows users to convert PDF files to Word accurately and quickly. With a simple and hassle-free online process, users can easily turn their documents into PDFs without the need for registration or downloading. Our cloud-based technology ensures... Read more about Geekersoft PDF to Word

Geekersoft PDF to Word Pricing

Free Trial not available

Bitwar Video Converter - File Converter Software

Bitwar Video Converter

Convert and compress videos efficiently from anywhere, anytime

Introducing Bitwar Video Converter – your go-to solution for hassle-free video conversion and compression. With the tagline "Convert and Compress Videos Efficiently from Anywhere, Anytime", this platform allows you to easily convert MP4 videos to any desired format. The user-friendly interface lets you simply drag and... Read more about Bitwar Video Converter

Bitwar Video Converter Pricing

Free Trial not available

VancePDF - File Converter Software


Smart software for PDF to Word conversion

VancePDF Pricing

Free Trial not available

Vertopal - File Converter Software


Convert files into different formats using the best tools in the market

Vertopal: the File Converter software that effortlessly converts files no matter what their format, from music, films and images to spreadsheets, databases and PDFs. Vertopal can be used as a simple extension of media player or as a standalone application to convert entire folders of files at once. Designed with a... Read more about Vertopal

Vertopal Pricing

Free Trial not available

ConvertOnMac - File Converter Software


High-quality conversions for more than 500 file formats

ConvertOnMac is a free and powerful software utility designed with the sole intention of allowing users to quickly and easily convert documents from one file format to another. Converting PDF to plain text, txt to PDF, GIF to BMP, TIFF or JPEG, and other conversions are simple with this easy-to-use little app.... Read more about ConvertOnMac

ConvertOnMac Pricing

Free Trial not available

BuildVu - File Converter Software


PDF Conversion Made Simple

For anyone who needs to convert PDFs to Word, File Converter is the right choice. With its wizard-based user interface, it's easy to use. Convert using full pages, or section-by-section - even individual pages if needed. And with full support for both images and tables, user will be able to make own PDFs look exactly... Read more about BuildVu

BuildVu Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $4,500/Year

Word to HTML - File Converter Software

Word to HTML

Visual Editor for Conversions

Word to HTML File Converter Software is a powerful, efficient and cost-saving utility for users to convert Word documents to HTML format. It has many powerful features for user operate and manage work easily and efficiently. It provides a fast, reliable and inexpensive alternative to the more expensive document... Read more about Word to HTML

Word to HTML Pricing

Free Trial not available

Starts from $7.50/Month when Billed Yearly, also offers Free Forever plan