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Map Lead Scraper

Google Maps Data Scraper

Map Lead Scraper is a Google Maps scraping tool that helps users grab and extract information from Google Maps. Map Lead Scraper extracts local business data and contacts saving hours of manual searches. ... Read more about Map Lead Scraper

Map Lead Scraper Pricing

Free Trial not available

Adcolabs Scraper

Adcolabs Scraper

Versatile Empowerment for Web Automation

Introducing Adcolabs Scraper, a cutting-edge web scraping tool designed to revolutionize data extraction from websites. With the tagline "Versatile Empowerment for Web Automation," this cloud-based solution is meticulously engineered to empower users with seamless and efficient web scraping capabilities. Adcolabs... Read more about Adcolabs Scraper

Adcolabs Scraper Pricing

Free Trial not available



The Most Effortless and Accurate Approach

Introducing Dataku, the innovative solution that offers the most effortless and precise approach to extracting valuable insights from documents and texts. Gone are the days of manually scouring through stacks of resumes to find the ideal candidate, as Dataku is poised to transform your recruitment process entirely.... Read more about Dataku

Dataku Pricing

Free Trial not available



The Leading Web Automation & Headless Browser Automation Tool

Introducing Browserless, the premier solution for web automation and headless browser tasks. With the tagline "The Leading Web Automation & Headless Browser Automation Tool," Browserless revolutionizes automated browser usage for developers and quality assurance professionals. By offering a cloud-hosted browser... Read more about Browserless

Browserless Pricing

Free Trial not available

Starts from $50.00 when Billed Yearly, also offers Free Forever plan



Leading-edge Mobile & Datacenter Proxies

Unveiling Petaproxy, the forefront choice for seamless data extraction and analysis in the realm of modern technology. As a pioneer in mobile and datacenter proxies, Petaproxy equips users to revolutionize their approach to managing multiple social media accounts without encountering the risk of being identified or... Read more about Petaproxy

Petaproxy Pricing

Free Trial not available



Easy to use no-code web scraping

Discover Browserhub, the game-changing solution for effortless web scraping without the need for coding. This cutting-edge tool empowers users to extract valuable data from any website with ease, eliminating the complexities and time-consuming nature of traditional data extraction methods. Browserhub caters to... Read more about Browserhub

Browserhub Pricing

Free Trial available



AI-Powered Visual Web Scraping Tool

Introducing ScrapeStorm, the cutting-edge AI-Powered Visual Web Scraping Tool designed to revolutionize the way data is extracted from websites. By leveraging advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, ScrapeStorm automates the data collection process with unparalleled efficiency. Gone are the days of manually... Read more about ScrapeStorm

ScrapeStorm Pricing

Free Trial not available

Starts from $39.99per month when Billed Yearly, also offers Free Forever plan

Webscrape AI

Webscrape AI

Automate Your Data Collection With No-Code

Discover Webscrape AI, the cutting-edge solution that revolutionizes data collection from the internet. With the tagline "Automate Your Data Collection With No-Code," Webscrape AI empowers users to effortlessly gather data with precision and efficiency. Say goodbye to the complexities of web scraping and hello to a... Read more about Webscrape AI

Webscrape AI Pricing

Free Trial available



Experience The Future of Data Extraction Technology using Geto Data

Discover the next generation of data extraction technology with GetOData – a cutting-edge solution that is revolutionizing the way data is extracted. With the tagline "Experience The Future of Data Extraction Technology using Geto Data," GetOData is a game-changing Chrome extension powered by AI that simplifies... Read more about GetOData

GetOData Pricing

Free Trial not available

Starts from $9.49 when Billed Yearly



Software As a Service Approach

Introducing ApiScrapy – a revolutionary data scraping tool, embodying the Software as a Service approach. ApiScrapy is the go-to solution for professionals seeking efficient data consumption and ready-to-use information. Our free data scrapers are meticulously crafted to cater to the unique needs of users, empowering... Read more about ApiScrapy

ApiScrapy Pricing

Free Trial not available

Starts from $1,500.00per month when Billed Yearly



Free Web Data Scraper, Crawler, Extractor

Introducing Listly, a cutting-edge tool tailored for streamlining web data scraping tasks. Touting itself as a Free Web Data Scraper, Crawler, and Extractor, Listly caters to professionals seeking a hassle-free approach to extracting online content. Compatible with popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft... Read more about Listly

Listly Pricing

Free Trial not available

Bryteflow logo


Enterprise data integration in real time

Get real-time data integration with BryteFlow to extract valuable insights from data super-fast. BryteFlow provides the fastest, no-code data replication, automated data reconciliation and easily supports bulk data ingests. ... Read more about Bryteflow

Bryteflow Pricing

Free Trial available

Grabbly - Data Extraction Software


Simple Tool for All Data Extraction Needs

Grabbly is a top-of-the-line SaaS tool that simplifies data extraction for all users. Our revolutionary AI feature automatically detects key data points on any webpage, allowing for quick and accurate conversion of web data into structured tables. With just one click, users can extract data and schedule recurring... Read more about Grabbly

Grabbly Pricing

Free Trial not available

Starts from $9/Month when , also offers Free Forever plan

Zenserp - Data Extraction Software


Scarpe Search Results from Search Engines

Zenserp is a highly effective product from our SaaS Aggregator company that provides Scarpe search results from various search engines. With Zenserp, users can easily scrape search engine result pages in real-time without any interruptions. It's a simple code that can be integrated into any website, enhancing their... Read more about Zenserp

Zenserp Pricing

Free Trial not available

Starts from $23/Month when Billed Yearly, also offers Free Forever plan

Scraper API - Data Extraction Software

Scraper API

Build Scalable Web Scrapers with Ease

Scraper API, the ultimate tool for building efficient web scrapers, is a game-changer for businesses. With features like proxy management, browser handling, and captcha solving, users can easily fetch HTML from any website with just one API call. It can handle over 2 billion requests per month and is trusted by more... Read more about Scraper API

Scraper API Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $49/Month when

ParseHub - Data Extraction Software


Scrape Website Data without Coding

Introducing ParseHub, a revolutionary web scraping tool that eliminates the need for coding. With a focus on user-friendliness, it allows you to extract data from any JavaScript or Ajax webpage. You can easily navigate through forms, drop downs, log in to websites, and even handle infinite scroll, tabs, and pop-ups.... Read more about ParseHub

ParseHub Pricing

Free Trial not available

Starts from $189/Month when , also offers Free Forever plan

Dataddo - Data Extraction Software


Manage and handle your data with a no-code platform

Dataddo is a powerful platform that streamlines the process of data management and handling without requiring any coding skills. With its no-code approach, Dataddo seamlessly connects data sources to dashboards, eliminating the hassle of integration. The platform takes care of updates and maintenance, providing... Read more about Dataddo

Dataddo Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $60/Month when

ProWebScraper - Data Extraction Software


Effortless, Scalable Web Scraping Tool & Service

ProWebScraper is the ultimate web scraping solution for any business looking to gain a competitive edge. This effortless and scalable tool provides users with machine-readable data, allowing them to gather valuable insights at scale. With its powerful and flexible API, ProWebScraper can extract data from dynamic... Read more about ProWebScraper

ProWebScraper Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $40/Month when , also offers Free Forever plan

PromptCloud - Data Extraction Software


Web Scraping Service and Web data extraction

PromptCloud is a premier web scraping and web data extraction platform, allowing users to customize their own data collection requests. Every element, from the source website to the data delivery mechanism, is adjustable to meet specific requirements. Furthermore, the scraped data is not only accuratlely collected,... Read more about PromptCloud

PromptCloud Pricing

Free Trial not available

ScrapeOwl - Data Extraction Software


Workflows can be automated

ScrapeOwl is a powerful web scraping API that simplifies the process of collecting data from the web. With our cutting-edge tooling, you can extract information from any website with ease. Our software automates complex workflows, reduces complexity, and allows you to acquire the data you need quickly and accurately.... Read more about ScrapeOwl

ScrapeOwl Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $29/Month when