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Blaze Retail - Seed to Sale Cannabis Software

Blaze Retail

Speed Up Transactions

Blaze Retail speeds up transactions for even the busiest budtenders, delivery drivers, and front desk personnel. Streamline customer interactions with this fast and intuitive POS software - join members and checkout in record time. Optimizing efficiency and speeding up cash flow - Blaze Retail is the ideal software... Read more about Blaze Retail

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Free Trial not available

Elevated Signals - Seed to Sale Cannabis Software

Elevated Signals

Supercharge your operations

Elevated Signals is a powerful software solution designed to help modern cannabis businesses get ahead and supercharge their operations. Move away from tedious, paper-based processes, complex seed-to-sale platforms, and outdated ERPs. Gain access to real-time data that will allow you to make better decisions and... Read more about Elevated Signals

Elevated Signals Pricing

Free Trial not available

Blaze Grow - Seed to Sale Cannabis Software

Blaze Grow

Cannabis Cultivation Software

Designed with deep understanding and passion for cannabis cultivation, Blaze Grow allows you to effortlessly juggle all facets of your business - from seed to sale. Blaze Grow software streamlines production, packaging and sale processes. Generate compliant shipping manifests with the click of a button - plus, taxes... Read more about Blaze Grow

Blaze Grow Pricing

Free Trial not available

Nugistics - Seed to Sale Cannabis Software


For your Cannabis business and related tasks

Nugistics is a seed-to-sale software system that manages all facets of a cannabis business. Quickly and accurately keep track of important data and metrics, tell the story of business, manage inventory (product an price list), generate financial reports (financial statements, tax reports), send out order... Read more about Nugistics

Nugistics Pricing

Free Trial not available

Distru - Seed to Sale Cannabis Software


Seed to sale solutions for distributors and mаnufасturers

Distru is a full-service software program that gives business owners tools for managing every aspect of their business, from seed to sale. Distru helps to create, manage and track products, employees, inventory, accounting, and more. Powered by the blockchain technology in an easy user interface. The software will be... Read more about Distru

Distru Pricing

Free Trial not available

GrowerIQ - Seed to Sale Cannabis Software


The smart cannabis cultivation platform

GrowerIQ is a web-based software platform designed for commercial cannabis cultivators and infused products manufacturers. It is a agricultural business intelligence solution tailored specifically for the cannabis industry, in compliance with all state and federal regulations. The Seed to Sale software takes... Read more about GrowerIQ

GrowerIQ Pricing

Free Trial not available

365 Cannabis - Seed to Sale Cannabis Software

365 Cannabis

Organize agro business and grow beyond limits with 365 Cannabis

The 365 Cannabis seed to sale software is a comprehensive, turnkey system that can be customized to meet the needs of most any business. The system includes ERP ordering and inventory management tools, integrated point of sale system, automated patient enrollment and much more. Plus, the cloud-based software can be... Read more about 365 Cannabis

365 Cannabis Pricing

Free Trial not available

Viridian Sciences - Seed to Sale Cannabis Software

Viridian Sciences

Get the reliable and safe seed-to-sale software to drive business growth

Viridian Sciences Seed to Sale Cannabis Software enables government agencies and businesses such as dispensaries, cultivators and processors to track cannabis inventory from seed-to-sale and manage all aspects of compliance with state regulatory requirements. With the ability to pull reports and charts, user can track... Read more about Viridian Sciences

Viridian Sciences Pricing

Free Trial not available

GrowFlow - Seed to Sale Cannabis Software


Perform smooth cannabis operations with GrowFlow

GrowFlow is a complete easy-to-use seed to sale cannabis platform. Grow operations can manage their crop from start to finish with GrowFlow's integrated seed entry, growth tracking, and harvest reporting tools, in addition to their buds/harvest inventory, disease management, and sales management tools.... Read more about GrowFlow

GrowFlow Pricing

Free Trial available

Trellis - Seed to Sale Cannabis Software


Get the best seed-to-sale tracking software

Trellis is seed-to-sale cannabis software that provides a systemized approach to business operations for growers, processors, and dispensaries. It offers a fully programmable platform to run the business, seamless data sharing between the team members, and invaluable insights from analytics.... Read more about Trellis

Trellis Pricing

Free Trial not available

Canix - Seed to Sale Cannabis Software


A comprehensive cannabis solution for cultivators and traders.

Canix is the seed to sale software used by cannabis businesses. Cannabis entrepreneurs use Canix to track their inventory, manage compliance, and protect their brands from black market diversion. Based in Denver, CO, Canix can produce state specific versions of it's software to fit the needs of any cannabis business... Read more about Canix

Canix Pricing

Free Trial not available

Helix BioTrackTHC - Seed to Sale Cannabis Software

Helix BioTrackTHC

Perform seed-to-sale tracking and data reporting efficiently

Helix is a real time, seed to sale cannabis software built from scratch for state mandated tracking. The system provides important information about cannabis plants and sales to ensure compliance with state regulations. The software is ready to deploy anywhere in the US to assist with stage based tracking... Read more about Helix BioTrackTHC

Helix BioTrackTHC Pricing

Free Trial not available

MJ Platform - Seed to Sale Cannabis Software

MJ Platform

Gain visibility and control operations in the cannabis enterprise successfully

MJ Platform is a seed to sale software solution for cannabis business in California. It is collaborating with sister companies MJ Freeway and GanjaGrams, experienced cannabis application developers as well as cannabis industry leaders. The MJ Platform is built using technologies proven by both application developers,... Read more about MJ Platform

MJ Platform Pricing

Free Trial not available

Flourish - Seed to Sale Cannabis Software


Cannabis Seed to Sale Software

Flourish is the seed-to-sale cannabis software platform designed to eliminate the inherent inefficiencies within the supply chain. Founded by passionate professionals with deep domain knowledge and a strong background in software, it was developed to help companies in this emerging industry capitalize of this once in... Read more about Flourish

Flourish Pricing

Free Trial not available