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AI-Powered Lead Scoring Models

Introducing Delineate, a cutting-edge solution empowering sales teams with AI-Powered Lead Scoring Models. In the competitive arena of sales, the ability to accurately prioritize leads is paramount. Unfortunately, traditional lead scoring methods are often limited by inherent biases and assumptions. This is where... Read more about Delineate

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Retail Media Analytics for Growth

Elevate your retail marketing strategy with Incremental, the cutting-edge solution for Retail Media Analytics for Growth. Incremental empowers brands with a robust platform to measure the impact of their retail media investments and optimize marketing expenditures to fuel unprecedented growth. By harnessing powerful... Read more about Incremental

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Incremental offers custom pricing plan



for your marketing, Product & Revenue teams

Introducing OpenOS, the ultimate solution tailored for your marketing, Product, and Revenue teams. Crafted with a singular focus on empowering businesses to minimize user churn, boost conversions, and enhance Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS), OpenOS sets a new standard in data-driven decision-making. Gone are the... Read more about OpenOS

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Free Trial not available

Starts from $50.00per month when Billed Yearly, also offers free forever plan

Simple and Easy Predictive Analytics

Introducing, a powerful tool for midmarket and enterprise clients seeking to overcome B2B sales and marketing analytics hurdles. Branded as the answer to predictive analytics in a simple and user-friendly package, streamlines the use of machine learning for predicting outcomes, refining customer... Read more about Pricing

Free Trial not available offers custom pricing plan

Mage - Predictive Analytics Software


Build and Use AI Faster

Mage is an intelligent AI platform designed to simplify the process of predictive modeling. It provides users with a range of tools to help you build and train models with minimum effort. It will explain your model's thinking and is truly easy to integrate with the analytics. With Mage, you get the power to accurately... Read more about Mage

Mage Pricing

Free Trial not available

Mage offers custom pricing plan

PlanCaster - Predictive Analytics Software


Get to grips with your sales and production forecasts

PlanCaster takes the guesswork out of your sales and production forecasts. It intelligently combines ex-factory, market research and other external sources to accurately anticipate demand. Streamline your trade promotion and marketing planning with embedded processes. Design budget scenarios and compare the outcomes... Read more about PlanCaster

PlanCaster Pricing

Free Trial not available

PlanCaster offers custom pricing plan

Neuron Soundware - Predictive Analytics Software

Neuron Soundware

Optimizing Industry. Maximizing Your Potential.

Neuron Soundware develops Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms which work with acoustic signatures and other physical parameters of machines to ensure maximum performance, in the process increasing output, lowering operating costs, optimizing maintenance and reducing the impact of industrial... Read more about Neuron Soundware

Neuron Soundware Pricing

Free Trial not available

Neuron Soundware offers custom pricing plan

Qymatix Predictive Sales Analytics is a highly advanced software platform that uses machine learning to measure and analyze your business operations in terms of cross-selling, upselling, customer churn, pricing and planning. With its data mining capabilities, the system can identify the essential KPIs for improved... Read more about Qymatix Predictive Sales Analytics

Qymatix Predictive Sales Analytics Pricing

Free Trial not available

Qymatix Predictive Sales Analytics offers custom pricing plan

Forecasted Solutions - Predictive Analytics Software

Forecasted Solutions

Forecasted solutions can help you

Forecasted Solutions is an application that provides interactive KPI charts of total company sales projections, over-sales, under-sales, alerts, follow-ups and favorites. With its predictive engine, it automatically selects the best models, detects outliers and applies trend decay for enhanced accuracy. It can also... Read more about Forecasted Solutions

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Free Trial available

Forecasted Solutions offers custom pricing plan

DevScreen - Predictive Analytics Software


Developer hiring thatkeeps it real

Introducing DevScreen - a revolutionary hiring tool that stays true to real developer skills. Gone are the days of whiteboard coding puzzles, now you can test your candidates with realistic interview problems that simulate real-life scenarios. With DevScreen, you can review pull requests from our curated library or... Read more about DevScreen

DevScreen Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $89/Month

VoiceSignals - Predictive Analytics Software


The People Intelligence Platform

Introducing VoiceSignals, the ultimate People Intelligence Platform. Understand your customers and employees on a deeper level and make informed business decisions. Using groundbreaking psychological science and advanced voice analytics, this revolutionary tool reveals real-time insights into individuals' emotions and... Read more about VoiceSignals

VoiceSignals Pricing

Free Trial not available

VoiceSignals offers custom pricing plan

Vector AI - Predictive Analytics Software

Vector AI

Platform for Production Ready AI

Introducing Vector AI, a cutting-edge platform designed for enterprises looking to fully utilize the potential of AI in their applications. Powered by advanced machine learning algorithms, this API simplifies the implementation of complex features such as search, recommendation, and prediction for diverse datasets.... Read more about Vector AI

Vector AI Pricing

Free Trial not available

Vector AI offers custom pricing plan

Falkonry - Predictive Analytics Software


Deliver smarter industrial operations

Falkonry is a cutting-edge Industrial Intelligence tool, utilizing AI to deliver intelligent data to plant operators. It empowers you to efficiently manage all process and operational data, providing plant visibility. With Falkonry, you gain real-time insights into issues relating to reliability, sustainability, and... Read more about Falkonry

Falkonry Pricing

Free Trial not available

Falkonry offers custom pricing plan

Monument - Predictive Analytics Software


Have predictive intelligence in minutes

Monument is a user-friendly no-code predictive intelligence software designed to boost productivity on your PC or in the cloud. Equipped with smart tools and features, it allows you and your team to easily compare and evaluate multiple models within minutes. With automatic report generation, importing data and running... Read more about Monument

Monument Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $159.16/Month when Billed Yearly

MindsDB - Predictive Analytics Software


Machine Learning in SQL

MindsDB is a revolutionary platform that brings the power of Machine Learning and SQL together. With MindsDB, you can easily make predictions from your database tables using ordinary SQL. It eliminates the need for data pre-processing and allows you to input your data directly into a Machine Learning model using SQL.... Read more about MindsDB

MindsDB Pricing

Free Trial not available

MindsDB offers custom pricing plan

MarketingTracker - Predictive Analytics Software


Applicable Marketing Insights

MarketingTracker is an essential tool for effective decision-making. It offers valuable insights into market trends and brand performance, making it easier and quicker to understand the driving forces behind them. With the ability to share insights via storyboards, presentations and customizable data visualizations,... Read more about MarketingTracker

MarketingTracker Pricing

Free Trial not available

MarketingTracker offers custom pricing plan

Ideata Analytics - Predictive Analytics Software

Ideata Analytics

Business Intelligence Platform for Growth

Introducing Ideata Analytics, the ultimate business intelligence platform with the tagline 'Empowering Growth'. It simplifies data preparation and analysis through a predictive analytics software which offers a web-based, drag-and-drop interface with advanced visualization and dashboarding tools. With Ideata, uncover... Read more about Ideata Analytics

Ideata Analytics Pricing

Free Trial not available

Ideata Analytics offers custom pricing plan

GridCure - Predictive Analytics Software


A software for the energy industry for predictive analysis

GridCure is a top-of-the-line software for the energy industry that specializes in predictive analysis. It addresses the struggle faced by skilled utilities in converting data into actionable insights and sharing them across the organization. It offers cloud-based data analytics, making it accessible to anyone,... Read more about GridCure

GridCure Pricing

Free Trial not available

GridCure offers custom pricing plan

EPICA - Predictive Analytics Software


The first prediction as a service platform

EPICA is a revolutionary platform that offers prediction as a service to help businesses succeed in a data-driven society. By combining all available customer information into a single view, EPICA allows you to identify your target market and uncover hidden trends in customer behavior. It also offers easy integration... Read more about EPICA

EPICA Pricing

Free Trial not available

EPICA offers custom pricing plan

EmcienPatterns - Predictive Analytics Software


Leading Prescriptive Analytics & Predictive Analytics Software

Introducing EmcienPatterns - the leading Prescriptive and Predictive Analytics software. It provides a steady flow of actionable insights, predicting future outcomes and their reasons in simple language. This enables the entire workforce to improve every interaction, transaction, and event in real-time. With... Read more about EmcienPatterns

EmcienPatterns Pricing

Free Trial available

EmcienPatterns offers custom pricing plan