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Mindmaps for Jira

Mindmaps for Jira

Impressive mind maps

Discover a game-changing tool in the form of Mindmaps for Jira, an innovative solution designed to enhance professional communication through visually striking mind maps. This dynamic plugin empowers users to effortlessly craft top-tier mind maps directly within the Jira platform. With Mindmaps for Jira at your... Read more about Mindmaps for Jira

Mindmaps for Jira Pricing

Free Trial not available

GPT Mind Maps Maker

GPT Mind Maps Maker

A Powerful AI-powered Mind Mapping Tool

Introducing GPT Mind Maps Maker, an advanced AI-driven tool that transforms the way professionals organize and visualize their ideas. This cutting-edge software leverages ChatGPT technology to instantly create mind maps from various sources like text prompts, PDFs, videos, and web pages with remarkable ease. Say... Read more about GPT Mind Maps Maker

GPT Mind Maps Maker Pricing

Free Trial not available

Starts from $8.00per month when Billed Yearly, also offers free forever plan



An Organic Online Mind Mapping Service

Introducing IOctopus, a groundbreaking organic online mind mapping platform that is revolutionizing the way professionals enhance their productivity. With the tagline "An Organic Online Mind Mapping Service", IOctopus is designed for forward-thinking individuals seeking to elevate their work to new heights. This... Read more about IOctopus

IOctopus Pricing

Free Trial not available

IOctopus offers custom pricing plan



Flow Visualization through Mind Mapping

Introducing QuikFlow, a revolutionary tool designed for the modern professional seeking enhanced focus and organization. With the tagline "Flow Visualization through Mind Mapping," this app streamlines the process of structuring thoughts, eliminating the tedious manual layout creation. QuikFlow empowers users to... Read more about QuikFlow

QuikFlow Pricing

Free Trial available



Transform Ideas into Mindmap in just Seconds

Introducing Chatmind, an innovative solution designed to seamlessly convert your ideas into mind maps within seconds. Ideal for professionals on-the-go, Chatmind streamlines the process of capturing and organizing projects, concepts, and inspirations with unparalleled ease and efficiency. Unlike traditional... Read more about Chatmind

Chatmind Pricing

Free Trial not available



Unleash Mind's Creativity in a Captivating Studio

Elevate your creative potential with Capacities, the innovative studio where your mind's creativity knows no bounds. Think of Capacities as your personal artist's haven, where every insightful thought, valuable piece of knowledge, and meaningful connection finds a home. With everything neatly organized in one place,... Read more about Capacities

Capacities Pricing

Free Trial not available

Starts from $10.00per month when Billed Yearly, also offers free forever plan

Effie - Mind Mapping Software


Ideas to Meet Workflows

Effie is an encrypted platform designed to help you transform ideas into workflows quickly and easily. With a comprehensive syntax highlighting tool, visualizing ideas and understanding the connections between them is simple. You can then export the work you've done with Effie into a variety of different formats,... Read more about Effie

Effie Pricing

Free Trial not available

Rumin - Mind Mapping Software


Automate Workflow with knowledge database

Rumin is a cutting-edge software that can streamline your workflow and optimize it to its fullest potential. It can visualize the structure of your ideas and help you discover valuable and related knowledge. Collect data from different sources like webpages, extracts and other data in a single database and access them... Read more about Rumin

Rumin Pricing

Free Trial not available

Inclr - Mind Mapping Software


Organise your notes graphically that improve memory retention

Inclr is a cutting-edge mind mapping software designed to help individuals effortlessly organize their notes in a visual manner, resulting in improved memory retention. By structuring data and creating relationships between notes, Inclr trains users' memory, reduces information overload, and promotes balance in their... Read more about Inclr

Inclr Pricing

Free Trial not available

Inclr offers custom pricing plan - Mind Mapping Software

Mind Mapping made easier is a powerful mind mapping tool that empowers to start and develop great ideas – quickly and easily – by creating and sharing highly structured mind maps. It provides sophisticated features, such as auto-layout, auto-connector, auto-segment, tagging, content rating, and spatial relationships. Still... Read more about Pricing

Free Trial available offers custom pricing plan

Infinity Maps - Mind Mapping Software

Infinity Maps

Central knowledge platform for all knowledge workers

Infinity Maps is a quick and simple way to visualise ideas. Just drag and drop from a wide variety of resources to build up ideas. Use this powerful Mind Map Maker to create professional-quality mind maps for class, work or play. Varying line width separates topics and adds style, while a built-in graphics editor... Read more about Infinity Maps

Infinity Maps Pricing

Free Trial available

Infinity Maps offers custom pricing plan

iMindQ - Mind Mapping Software


The smart software for mind mapping

iMindQ is mind mapping software that helps to quickly capture, connect, structure and share ideas. The suite of mind mapping tools will help to map out complex processes, manage projects, plan meetings, simplify notes and thoughts, stay creative, have fun constructing ideas, documenting creative endeavors or learn new... Read more about iMindQ

iMindQ Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $39/Year

SEMYOU mindMAP - Mind Mapping Software


Visualize with Mind Map Software

It is a mind mapping software that enables to quickly and easily create mind maps, concept maps, tree maps and spider maps. The intuitive interface makes it easy for users from all walks of life to get started right away. With SEMYOU mindMAP manipulate nodes and branches freely, divide ideas into categories, and take... Read more about SEMYOU mindMAP

SEMYOU mindMAP Pricing

Free Trial not available

Thoughtflow - Mind Mapping Software


A Planning Software for Teams

ThoughtFlow is a mind mapping software that promotes freestyle thinking. It is ideal for brainstorming sessions. It allows to create mind maps effortlessly in minutes, without learning any new model or methodology. This flowchart-like software enables the user to think freely and lets his/her mind flow in all... Read more about Thoughtflow

Thoughtflow Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $5/Month when Billed Yearly, also offers free forever plan

MindMaster - Mind Mapping Software


Collaborative Mind Mapping Software

MindMaster is a powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use tool that will bring ideas to life. With its outstanding interface and rich feature set, MindMaster is sure to become an integral part of daily work. From making a simple mind map to visualizing complex data sets, MindMaster will help to expand the creative thinking... Read more about MindMaster

MindMaster Pricing

Free Trial not available

Starts from $59/Year

Mindly App - Mind Mapping Software

Mindly App

Organize Projects in Minutes

Mindly is a mind mapping software with a twist! It allows users to quickly capture their thoughts without getting stuck on one point. With Mindly users can create rich maps from notes, pictures and even videos to keep track of ideas as they come. Mindly allows to shape simple diagrams that can be easily improved; no... Read more about Mindly App

Mindly App Pricing

Free Trial not available

Mindly App offers custom pricing plan

WiseMapping - Mind Mapping Software


Mind Mapping made innovative and intuitive for you

WiseMapping is free mind mapping software to help to organise ideas and unleash creativity. It's easy enough for students, yet capable enough for businesses. Create, edit and share mind maps online or on computer. It's a brainchild that combines a simple mind-mapping interface with powerful intuitive tools, a... Read more about WiseMapping

WiseMapping Pricing

Free Trial not available

SimpleMind - Mind Mapping Software


Mind Mapping simplified with SimpleMind

SimpleMind is a beautifully designed and easy-to-use mind mapping software that allows users to quickly and easily create and edit mind maps. Available for download on the Playstore and App Store, SimpleMind features single-click zooming, image and file drag and drop into mind maps, PDF export, and core data... Read more about SimpleMind

SimpleMind Pricing

Free Trial available

NovaMind - Mind Mapping Software


A Visual Mapping Tool

NovaMind is the mind mapping software. It allows to create visual representations of thoughts, ideas, and to-do lists with a single click. With a simple interface that's familiar to most users, anyone can organize their thoughts quickly and easily with a single click. Visualize projects to see exactly how they... Read more about NovaMind

NovaMind Pricing

Free Trial not available

Starts from $6/Month when Billed Yearly, also offers free forever plan

MindMup - Mind Mapping Software


Design Mind Maps in Minutes

MindMup is open-source mind mapping software that combines brainstorming, graphic visualization, and knowledge management in an innovative way. Mindmaps are a proven method of organizing ideas, but until now they were limited to paper. It's a great tool for brainstorming, project management, note taking, education and... Read more about MindMup

MindMup Pricing

Free Trial not available

Starts from $2.99/Month, also offers free forever plan