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The Collaborative Data| Management Platform

Prduct, the Collaborative Data Management Platform, is a cutting-edge solution that transforms the way supply chains interact with product data. This innovative platform enhances the exchange of data among supply chain partners, facilitating seamless collaboration and input from all stakeholders. Prduct ensures... Read more about Prduct

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Intelligent Data Mobility and Management

Experience a revolution in data mobility and management with Komprise, your intelligent partner in handling unstructured data effectively. As the name suggests, Komprise boasts cutting-edge technology that addresses the key challenges associated with unstructured data, such as its exponential growth across various... Read more about Komprise

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Security Privacy Trust

Unlock the power of secure, private, and trusted data management with Our platform is designed to meet the evolving needs of organizations by providing a customizable solution for collecting and sharing data services in a compliant and user-friendly way. With, companies can seamlessly... Read more about Pricing

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TIBCO EBX - Master Data Management (MDM) Software


Enables Anyone to Make Better Decisions!

Introducing TIBCO EBX - the ultimate data management solution for organizations. With its highly flexible MDM capabilities, EBX allows professionals from diverse fields like finance, HR, sales, marketing, and more to effectively manage, govern, and share all kinds of data - be it master data, reference data, or... Read more about TIBCO EBX


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Dataform - Master Data Management (MDM) Software


Manage workflows seamlessly and improve productivity

Dataform, a data modeling platform, streamlines workflows to enhance productivity for advanced data teams. It follows a software engineering approach for data modeling, quality and pipeline management. With its built-in APIs and templating syntax, users can develop data workflows in SQL and deploy their table... Read more about Dataform

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Starts from $95/User/Month