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MoreApp Forms - Data Entry Software

MoreApp Forms

User-friendly data entry tool

MoreApp is a web based data entry software application that can be used on any computer. The application allows for quick and easy data entry of up 10 different forms which can be customized with a title, description and image using the MoreApp Form Editor. The application also allows to create unlimited number of... Read more about MoreApp Forms

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Free Trial available

Starts from $33/Month when Billed Yearly


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Zerion Software - Data Entry Software

Zerion Software

Well-featured software-on-demand

Zerion is a data entry software that eliminates the need for double entry and reduces transcription errors. It finds, corrects and flags inconsistencies within records. Zerion will work with any type of data: text, numbers and images. It finds and corrects potential errors before they reach production or result in... Read more about Zerion Software

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Free Trial available

Starts from $2,500/Year when


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Docsumo - Data Entry Software


Simplifying the process of separating information

DocSumo data entry software is designed to maximize data entry speeds. The software prompts with the correct file type so user never have to manually set up new documents or templates. Built-in spell checking saves time and provides confidence in accuracy. An impressive feature automates the process of entering data... Read more about Docsumo

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Free Trial available

Starts from $0.10per Invoice when , also offers Free Forever plan


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PhraseExpander - Data Entry Software


Accurate Notes, On Time: Get it Done!

PhraseExpander makes it quick and easy to produce accurate notes on time. Rely on this software to remember medical terms, formulas and templates all in one place. Enter abbreviations for medications and drug names easily. Autocomplete terms commonly used in patient interviews. Customize with branching logic, score... Read more about PhraseExpander

PhraseExpander Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $79 when


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Tickit Health - Data Entry Software

Tickit Health

Interactive and versatile digital tool

Tickit Health is data entry software for hospitals, clinics and laboratories that streamlines clinical documentation. With Tickit Health, user can run reports to generate detailed, multi-page CMS 1500 claims files automatically at the click of a button. No more data re-keying! This powerful compliance tool also comes... Read more about Tickit Health

Tickit Health Pricing

Free Trial not available


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UProc - Data Entry Software


Cloud-based data entry software

UProc is a Data Entry software designed to take the drudgery out of filling out 30 or 50 or 100 forms. It can even enter data from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet into a Word document, from the Web into a MsWord spreadsheet, and from a PDF document directly into a word processor. It's ideal for scanning receipts,... Read more about UProc

UProc Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $35/Month when


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Entrypoint i4 - Data Entry Software

Entrypoint i4

Efficient data entry tool for clinics

The i4 spreadsheet program is an amazingly customizable spreadsheet that makes running business more efficient than ever! Many features, such as the incredible graphing capability, make this a key tool for business. The example provided in the ad is a definite selling point for this software. Its simple to use PC... Read more about Entrypoint i4

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Blosm - Data Entry Software


Efficient data entry and extraction features

Blosm is a data entry software that allows to create invoices, estimates, statements and remittance advice with the click of a button. Its interactive invoice screen makes it easy to fill in clients' details (or choose from client lists). Blosm gives business everything it needs to make fast, accurate billing -... Read more about Blosm

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MPS IntelliVector - Data Entry Software

MPS IntelliVector

Automates data extraction and processing

MPS IntelliVector is a Data Entry Software designed to address data entry and business automation needs of business. MPS IntelliVector is easy to use and provide user friendly environment that helps to quickly master its functionality. Data import, data export along with edit and filter capabilities makes it popular... Read more about MPS IntelliVector

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AssetNet is a data entry program that has been customized to allow for full or varied text capabilities. Additionally user can utilize the many fields to input scanned material into the database, including pictures, serial numbers and more. Selling software with endless customizations is a main goal of AssetNet.... Read more about AssetNet

AssetNet Pricing

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Action Card - Data Entry Software

Action Card

Data entry tool for retailers & restaurant owners

Action Card is a four-panel data entry software, with a simple and streamlined interface. Action Card offers a wide variety of customization options such as allowing customers to set up their own workstations. Action Card is easy to use and ideal for those who have little or no experience using data entry... Read more about Action Card

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Wezen - Semantic Asset Management - Data Entry Software

Wezen - Semantic Asset Management

Data entry software with multiple extra features

Wezen is a commercial data extraction, web scraping and semantic asset management application. It is designed to completely automate the process of managing information for websites across the internet. With Wezen automatically extract data from an unlimited number of websites including travel websites, real estate... Read more about Wezen - Semantic Asset Management

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InfAnywhere - Data Entry Software


Unified cloud data apps

InfAnywhere allows data to be entered into the computer directly from the customer. The file can be uploaded to any database or other software solution, or to website. Without needing a printer, and working with multiple systems and databases, InfAnywhere complements workflows and keeps in touch with customers even... Read more about InfAnywhere

InfAnywhere Pricing

Free Trial not available

Starts from $12/User/Month when , also offers Free Forever plan


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Questys Capture - Data Entry Software

Questys Capture

A reliable web-based data entry software

Questys Capture is an easy-to-use data entry for desktop and mobile devices that allows to manage and record business and personal contacts and transactions, electronic books and more. Using the Q Crew Module, more than one person can work on a Questys Capture database at the same time. Save money with Questys Capture... Read more about Questys Capture

Questys Capture Pricing

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Velocity Data Entry - Data Entry Software

Velocity Data Entry

Future of data entry systems, making the move to paperless

Velocity Data Entry is a data entry software for companies of all sizes. It is used by Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and departments, pharmaceutical companies, high-tech industry, and more. Easy to use and learn, it combines the power of relational database technology with the simplicity of desktop... Read more about Velocity Data Entry

Velocity Data Entry Pricing

Free Trial available

Starts from $55.07/User/Month when