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Cognibox - Contractor Management Software


Manage multiple qualification files on a single platform

Cognibox, the ultimate solution for managing multiple qualification files on a single platform. Our cutting-edge SaaS aggregator simplifies and streamlines the often tedious qualification and compliance process. In addition to our advanced online platform, our team of experienced administrators provides exceptional... Read more about Cognibox

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Sitepass - Contractor Management Software


Transform your workforce compliance

Introducing Sitepass, the ultimate solution for transforming your workforce compliance. With our contractor management system, you can easily connect your team and ensure full transparency over their qualifications and work locations. From monitoring attendance to managing risks and safety, Sitepass puts you in... Read more about Sitepass

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SONOVATE - Contractor Management Software


Simple, fast business finance

Introducing SONOVATE - the ultimate solution for businesses of all sizes to access fast and stress-free finance and support for managing their freelance workforce. Originally designed to revolutionize finance and back-office services for recruitment agencies, Sonovate has now expanded to cater to the needs of other... Read more about SONOVATE


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TechnoRishi Contractor and Labor Management

TechnoRishi Contractor and Labor Management

Automated IT Solution for better and effective workplace

Introducing TechnoRishi Contractor and Labor Management: Your All-In-One Automated IT Solution for Enhancing Workplace Efficiency Elevate your organization's operations, infrastructure, and management with TechnoRishi's revolutionary Contractor and Labor Management Solution. Designed to empower professionals with... Read more about TechnoRishi Contractor and Labor Management

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Contractor Plus

Contractor Plus

Leading Software For Home Service Contractors

Unlock the full potential of your home service contracting business with Contractor Plus - the premier software solution designed specifically for contractors. With the tagline "Leading Software For Home Service Contractors," Contractor Plus embodies a commitment to providing tailored support for every aspect of your... Read more about Contractor Plus

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Rapid Contractor - Contractor Management Software

Rapid Contractor

Increase compliance with contractor management software

Rapid Contractor is a powerful software that helps you boost compliance by managing your contractors from one central location. It's the ideal solution for all types of companies that hire contractors, allowing you to issue pre-qualification forms, ensure legal compliance, store documents online, and keep track of... Read more about Rapid Contractor

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Conserve - Contractor Management Software


Contractor Compliance Quick, Simple and Affordable

Transform the way you manage contractors with Conserve – the leading contractor compliance solution. Streamline the process with our managed service that combines People, Process, and Platform for a quick, simple, and budget-friendly solution. We offer top-notch expertise and resources while providing the personalized... Read more about Conserve

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Draft contracts 10x faster with AI

Unleash the power of AI to revolutionize your contract drafting process with Spellbook. Draft contracts at lightning speed, thanks to the cutting-edge capabilities of GPT-4 and other advanced language models seamlessly integrated within Microsoft Word. Say goodbye to tedious manual reviews and revisions, as Spellbook... Read more about Spellbook

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Constrafor - Contractor Management Software



Introducing Constrafor - a revolutionary software and financial service solution that caters specifically to the needs of the construction industry. Our suite of cloud-based tools is designed to increase productivity, improve cost-efficiency, and automate back-office tasks and financial transactions. With Constrafor,... Read more about Constrafor

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Constrafor offers custom pricing plan