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All-in-one international education service marketplace

Introducing Entrily, the revolutionary solution in the realm of education service platforms. Are you weary of traditional methods hindering your business growth? Bid farewell to these constraints with Entrily, your gateway to effortless international education admissions. No longer will you be bogged down by... Read more about Entrily

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#1 peer-to-peer platform for student recruitment, purpose-built for higher ed

Introducing Unibuddy, the leading peer-to-peer platform tailored specifically for student recruitment in higher education. At Unibuddy, we understand the importance of fostering genuine connections with prospective students to guide them through one of the most critical decisions of their lives. Our platform is... Read more about Unibuddy

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ExtraaEdge - Admissions and Enrollment Management Software


Make admissions an easy task to carry out

ExtraaEdge is a comprehensive software solution that simplifies the admission and marketing process for educational institutions. It boasts the best CRM and marketing automation services, allowing admission teams to effectively plan, increase and manage their schedules. This advanced Education CRM technology can... Read more about ExtraaEdge

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